Adding roof windows: How to find the right solution

A view down from a roof window to a two persons standing in the room
Adding roof windows can be the change you need to brighten your room or extension. While roof windows can change any room for the better - and come with a wide range of benefits - there are a few things you need to consider before you grab your sledgehammer. We've gathered all you need to consider before adding a roof window.

Consider what type of roof window you want

There are multiple types of roof windows that will drench your space in natural light. Here are some key considerations before you cut a hole in the roof:

Size: Consider the size of your roof windows. The size of the window significantly affects the amount of light that will come through. At VELUX, there's a wide range of products in multiple sizes, so there's definitely a roof window that fits your house.

Operation: Do you want a manually operated or electrically operated roof window? It's up to you. If the window is out of reach or you just want the ultimate comfort, an electric roof window is the answer. You can easily open and close it remotely from a wall switch, and the automatic rain sensors even close the roof windows when the heavens open!

Room activities: What is the main activity in the room: home office, play area for the kids, yoga room, reading room, or something else? Consider the room usage and what is right for your home. You want as much light as possible in your home office or study room, while recreational activities like yoga or meditation don’t require as much light.


When you decide to add a new roof window, consider where you want the light to come in and want kind of mood you want to create.

North-facing: Spaces facing north don't have direct sunlight, creating tonal, natural light in your space. Roof windows will maximise the amount of daylight all day long.

South-facing: Rooms facing south benefit from warm light throughout the day. In the summer, especially around noon, the light will be very sharp, so it's a good idea to consider blinds or shutters if you install roof windows in a south-facing room.

East-facing: This room is for all the morning people. You'll start your day with bright, warm rays of sunlight. The room will be brightest first thing in the morning. In winter, you'll get the most out of the little light the season offers.

West-facing: With this orientation, you'll get evening light, which can be magical in the summer. In rooms facing west, you'll have as much light as possible as you move into the late afternoon.

Blinds and shutters

No matter which way your home is facing, you should consider blinds or shutters for extra comfort. Depending on orientation, you will will benefit from anti-heat shutters for rooms facing south or remote-controlled blackout blinds for your bedroom.

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