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Keep your rooms cool this season with VELUX anti-heat blinds and shutters

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Quickly and easily configure your roof window solution or suitable heat protection and determine the price.

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Create your desired window quickly and easily

Easily assemble your roof window solution and calculate the price, including the required connection products. Additionally, you will receive further product suggestions such as inner lining and anti-heat protection products.

How are VELUX roof window prices calculated?

To make pricing easier for classic and hinged pivoting roof windows, we have summarised the variations in our roof window configurator. Based on your choices, it calculates the VELUX prices for your ideal roof window, connection products, and extras. Price lists for other VELUX roof windows, products, and accessories are also available.

Understanding VELUX roof window pricing

VELUX roof window prices depend on the type and size of the roof window. Larger roof windows may have different installation costs however, our VELUX Certified Installers can provide you with advice. Price lists show all VELUX roof windows, sizes, and prices. Once you know the type and size, you can choose the operation method. Manual operation is suitable for accessible roof windows, while hard-to-reach roof windows, we recommend solar-powered or electric. You can also use VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO and control your products via the app, at home or on the go. All operation methods can be selected in the roof window configurator.

Material and pricing details for VELUX roof windows

We use our recommended white maintenance-free finish that has a wooden core as well as white or clear lacquered solid pine wood as the material for the roof window frame. You can find prices for hte various frames within the price list, you will also find the prices for the external coverings. The glazing also influences the prices of VELUX roof windows. Different types of glazing vary in their properties, including thermal insulation, sound insulation, heat protection, solar heat gain, and high resistance to breakage. These variants contribute to the final price of the roof window and are listed in every VELUX price list.

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