Blinds and shutters

Your VELUX roof windows deserve original blinds and shutters for a perfect fit, beautiful design and long lasting performance. Our VELUX blind and shutter collection features options to meet every need. Explore our product categories below.

How to choose your ideal VELUX blinds and shutters

When you have decided on your perfect VELUX roof window, the time has come to complete your pairing with our wide range of original VELUX blinds and shutters.

The possibilities are endless including manually operated and beautifully designed roller blinds installed on the inside, to anti-heat blackout aluminium shutters mounted on the outside.

But what is the right solution for you and your home? The most important criteria when choosing your ideal blinds and shutters are your needs, the type of room, orientation of your roof windows and if your windows are within reach or out of reach.

Which solution should you go for?

Depending on how you want your roof window to function in the home, there are various blinds and shutter solutions that are suitable for roof windows. We recommend asking yourself the following questions before making your choice:

Do you need a solution to: ·

  • darken a room? 
  • protect your space from heat? 
  • ensure privacy, e.g. in the bathroom? 
  • decoratively enhance a room?

In most cases it is not an "either or", but an "and". Many products fulfil several of these needs simultaneously. VELUX Anti-heat blackout shutters, for example, provide heat protection and blackout at the same time.

If you are unsure about which VELUX solution is best suited to your roof window and your space, you are always welcome to contact our Daylight Advisors or look at our guide that walks you through which blind and shutter best suits which room.

Different blinds and shutters for different needs

VELUX offer blinds and shutters for every roof window type and room, whether you have a skylight or a flat roof window or a pitched roof. Our venetian blinds are particularly well suited to bathrooms, while for bedrooms you may want a complete blackout solution.

Stylish and safe roller blind design

Classic roller blinds come in a wide variety of styles. There’s definitely one to match your interior décor. Ever-popular choices and easy to recognise with their seamless and cord-free VELUX look, perfect for home safety for you and your children. They come in several operation choices, from manual to electric and solar-powered operation.

Nature collection with lower carbon footprint

And don’t forget to look at our Nature Collection, primarily made from recycled materials. They offer a stylish array of colours, and this collection benefits from half the carbon footprint compared to our standard product range.

Blackout or translucent blinds – or a combination

Our translucent roller blinds and translucent pleated blinds are perfect for living rooms and other spaces where you don’t want to block your view to the outside. Blackout roller blinds are optimal for bedrooms or children’s rooms where you want the option of blocking the light for a good night’s sleep.

And there’s even more. You can also choose duo blackout roller blinds to combine the two options. They are two blinds in one a blackout roller blind in your preferred colour and a white pleated blind underneath to softly diffuse light.

VELUX blinds are super easy to install

Install your VELUX blinds in 15 minutes. It requires no difficult measuring, trimming, cutting or extra tools. They are made to fit perfectly. Everything you need is included in the package. Your VELUX roof windows come with pre-installed mounting brackets, so you can simply click on the original VELUX blinds and add the pre-fitted side rails. VELUX exterior anti-heat blinds and anti-heat blackout blinds can also be easily installed from inside your room in no time.

How do they work?

VELUX blinds and shutters are super easy to operate. You can select from three alternative methods depending on your needs, from manual to full solar or electric automation.

Manual: Adjust them comfortably with a discreet and functional control bar if you prefer the manual option.

Solar-powered: If you have a manual or solar roof window, you can install solar-powered roller blinds. Control them via a ready-to-use wall switch, VELUX App Control or VELUX ACTIVE. The installation is very easy, as they require no cables.

Electric: Your electric roof windows naturally match our electric roller blinds. They connect directly to the window.

And the really smart option:

VELUX Intelligent Home Control.

Go all-in and choose our intelligent home solution, VELUX ACTIVE as a smart home solution, and an intuitive way to remote control your roof windows and accessories. It links your solar or electric products together, and with the app you can program your blinds and shutters so you can wake up to a sunrise instead of an alarm clock. Or how about airing out your rooms while at work, so your home will have the perfect temperature when you arrive.

VELUX ACTIVE tracks temperature, humidity and CO2-levels and ventilates to keep your indoor climate fresh and healthy. It automatically shuts your solar or electric blinds and shutters on hot days to keep your home comfortable with optimal thermal and climate control.

Original VELUX blinds and shutters will complete your roof window solution and are absolutely worth it with their functionality and innovative designs, and they can be easily updated if and when the time comes.

VELUX products are designed to endure and last for decades.

Combine different products to best suit your needs

Are you unsure which blinds you need for your roof windows? Let us guide you and tell you which collection matches your roof window types. VELUX offers a range of genuine products from exterior shutters to interior blinds in various designs, and insect screens too.

The blinds can be classic, pleated or venetian in many different colours and designs, and the outer frame material is either brushed or white-painted aluminium.

They can dim the light or block it out completely. On the outside we offer fitted anti-heat blackout blinds in durable polyester fabric or anti-heat blackout shutters in sturdy aluminium. They help to keep the heat in during the winters and keep the sun out during the summer.

You can easily install your new VELUX blinds from inside the room. Our blinds are maintenance-free and can be combined with insect screens to keep out any small and unwanted creatures when you enjoy your open roof windows. Contact us at any time and let guide your purchase regardless of whether you prefer to shop online or buy in store.