Sun tunnels

Bring daylight into every room in your home.

Every room in your house deserves to be filled with natural light, even those at the centre of your home. The installation of the VELUX sun tunnel is one of the fastest and most inexpensive ways to transform your space with natural light. 

What is a sun tunnel?

A sun tunnel lets you bring daylight into rooms where you normally don't have windows. The product penetrates from roof to ceiling, channeling natural light from the outside into windowless rooms. Rooms with limited possibility for a traditional roof window, and rooms, you can otherwise only light up with artificial lighting.

If you have a bathroom with no windows, a dark corridor or dull wardrobe space, you can benefit from a sun tunnel. They are available for both flat roofs pitched from 0 - 15° or for sloped roofs with a pitch between 15 and 60°.

A sun tunnel is a cost-effective way to bring daylight into dark rooms. It is also called a light tube, and it is very easy and quick to install. In most cases it will take a few hours to get everything in place.

How is a light tube installed?

A hole is made in the outside of your roof and down to your ceiling. Then the tube is fitted down into the hole, and a dome is installed on the roof. A light diffuser is installed at the ceiling end of the tube to distribute the daylight into previously dimmed spaces.

Worried about objects blocking the passage from roof to ceiling? No need, we offer both a rigid version for straight passage, and a flexible product for situations where an obstruction blocks a direct route through the ceiling.

It is perfect for bathrooms, hallways and other rooms with limited space for a roof window. It can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs, and it’s one of the most quick and cost-effective ways to brighten up dark areas of your house. It usually only takes hours to install a sun tunnel.

How do they work?

A sun tunnel captures the natural light from the sky and directs it through the loft space and into dark rooms and corridors. They are perfect for lofts and areas of your home where it’s not possible, or desirable, to install a traditional roof window.

A roof light tube features a panel sitting discreetly on the outside of your roof, that effectively reflects the sunlight and channels it into the room, and a diffuser that distributes the natural light.

The perfectly engineered tunnel ensures an exceptional reflection of the incoming daylight. Actually 98% of the incoming sunlight is reflected into your living space.

With VELUX sun tunnels you can transform even the darkest places into bright and welcoming living areas. In a very easy and inexpensive installation you can brighten up every area of your home.

A sun tunnel will pay for itself

Minimise your electric bills and let the product practically pay for itself. If you are solely depending on artificial lighting, you can lower your housing costs over the years with sun tunnels.

Contact our Daylight Design Advisors to learn more about how light tubes can benefit your indoor environment. Our professionals are always ready to guide you to the best solutions and match your needs.

Sun tunnels for pitched or flat roofs

VELUX sun tunnels are available for both sloped and flat roofs. And you don’t even have to worry about any objects or beams restricting access from the roof to the room.

The solar tubes come in a rigid version with a straight tube, and also in a flexible version with an angled tube. The bent or angled tube of the flexible tunnel offers a workaround in case of any obstructions, such as beams or air condition units, preventing the opening from being positioned directly beneath the roof.

The flexible tubes require a shorter distance from roof to room. But even so, regardless of the deflected journey of the light, it still sends impressive amounts of brightness into your previously dim spaces.

Over 80 years of experience

A VELUX roof window is considered the original roof window. Not only because we've been supplying high quality roof windows and skylights for 80 years, but also because of the excellent features of our products giving you the ideal combination of light, air and view.

Suitable for any purpose, whether you’re building a new house, retrofitting your attic or modernising your home, you’ll always find the right solution with VELUX. Call us today and let us guide your home renovation projects and inspire you to design with daylight.