About us

Who we are

"The most important prerequisite for all life and work is light."

Villum Kann Rasmussen
VELUX Founder

Transforming spaces into favourite places

We bring daylight and fresh air into homes and buildings all over the world. VELUX solutions, from roof windows and sun tunnels to blinds and shutters, help create healthy and comfortable indoor environments. Villum Kann Rasmussen founded the company in 1941. Today we employ 11,000 people worldwide, with sales offices in 37 countries and 21 production sites in 12 countries.

What makes us unique?

In 1965, Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective to define our way of doing business. At VELUX we believe we have a responsibility to drive change within the company, our sector and beyond. We strive to transform indoor spaces to have a positive impact on the people who live, work and play in them while being at the forefront of climate and nature action.

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Learn more about our history

VELUX History

VELUX roof windows have been improving the homes and lives of people all over the world. Explore our defining moments.

"A model company works with products useful to society and treats its customers, suppliers, employees of all categories and shareholders better than most other companies. A model company makes a profit which can finance growth and maintain financial independence."

VELUX Founder Villum Kann Rasmussen, 1965

Running a responsible business

It is important for us to give back to the societies we operate in while working responsibly with scarce natural resources. Sustainability is at the core of our strategy, and we have bold ambitions within three focus areas:

  • Lead for climate and nature
  • Innovate customer solutions
  • Enhance workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
Sustainability in VELUX


With their exemplary business leadership, the VELUX management team and board of directors set the tone and guide the way forward for our company.
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The VELUX Group is owned by VKR Holding A/S, a limited company wholly owned by VILLUM FONDEN and the Kann Rasmussen family. The VELUX Group’s financial results are incorporated into VKR Holding’s consolidated accounts. In 2022, the VELUX Group had total revenue of EUR 2.99 billion, VKR Holding had total revenue of EUR 4.29 billion, and THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS donated EUR 181 million in charitable grants.
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