Kids room

Your kid's room is a hive of activity full of life, giggles, and laughter. Add more life to their room and let them explore the great outdoors right from their window with our range of VELUX roof windows.

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A healthy life through childhood

Natural light supplies a good source of vitamins and is mood-boosting, thus supporting your children's needs, day or night.

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Roof windows capture warm, bright light from the sun and let clean, crisp fresh air in from outside to make your kid's room the perfect gathering place for all their playmates to have fun. VELUX roof windows are all it takes to brighten your kids' room and mood.

Transforming your kids room


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2in1 window
Double your daylight and let daylight transform your kid's room. The new 2in1 roof window with slim profiles lets you enjoy more daylight and a dazzling view.
Insect screen
Enjoy the fresh air without unwanted visitors with the VELUX insect screen. The insect screen is simple to operate and can be combined with any other VELUX interior blind or exterior heat protection solution. It stows neatly away in the slim aluminium top casing when it's not in use.
Blackout blinds - Kids collection
The greatest adventures start with a good night’s sleep. Blackout roller blinds for children are available in 9 fun designs and tested to give you the best blackout on the market.
Anti-heat blackout shutter
The anti-heat blackout shutter keeps your room cool in the summer, block out incoming light and protect your window and reduce noise from rain and hail too for an undisturbed sleep.

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Kids Room
Designing a more energy efficient living space with roof windowsRead the story

"We didn’t realise what a difference it would make to this room, and it’s created such a nice, light airy space."


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Kids bedroom with 3 VELUX roof windows
Renovating your kids room?
Nobody ever said no to a better-looking and upgraded home. But where do you start? How much does it cost? Who should you work with? And what are the benefits? There can be many questions when it comes to home renovations. And we have a lot of the answers!
Kids room with two roof windows with blinds
Upgrading your kids room?
Blinds, shutters, VELUX ACTIVE & more. While we enjoy the sun, sometimes we need to control how light and heat enter our homes. Having roof windows means you can better control the amount of natural daylight & fresh air that enters your property. Still, you can also use blinds and VELUX ACTIVE to fully control when and where daylight is needed.
Two girls lying on the floor under roof window
Replacing a roof window in your kids room?
Replacing your VELUX roof windows is easier than you think. During the last 10-20 years, we have seen significant progress or even a complete evolution in the design and technology of our roof windows. Let us guide you towards achieving your goal of replacing your dated or damaged old roof window with an aesthetically appealing, energy efficient and longer-lasting solution.
Two girls in the room
Converting a loft to your kids room?
The more space you have in your home, the more it’s worth. Simple as that. Therefore, creating usable space in your loft, whether for storage or everyday use, can really make a difference to the value of your home. Throw roof windows (not literally) into the mix, and you’ve got a winning formula!
A new built house facade
Building new?
Imagine your perfect home; one built exactly as you want, from lights to doors, to walls, taps, floors, and windows. A new build house can give you complete control over every aspect of your property. You’ll be able to incorporate fresh air and natural daylight and create a healthy indoor climate in your modern space, allowing your family to thrive.
Kitchen with VELUX roof windows
You need more space, but you don’t want to move. Enter the house extension, the answer to all your cramped home woes. But not all home extensions are created equal. Did you know that there are 5 different main styles of extension to choose from? Do you need help with the process or even finding someone to help you get started with the drawings of your dream extension? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.
A street view from the top
Ensuring that your roof is in good condition is vital to the overall health of your home. You need to ensure that it’s not just providing what you need in terms of functionality but that it looks great! So, what are the signs that your roof needs a revamp or a renovation? And if so, how can you take advantage of a roof renovation and consider adding more daylight to your home?