All you need to know about roof windows

A facade of a house with roof windows
Adding more daylight from above can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. Contrary to popular belief, almost every space can benefit from roof windows. Learn how to navigate the common misconceptions about roof windows and bring the magic of daylight into your house.  

Change the look and feel of your space with roof windows

Installing roof windows may seem like a big project, but it's an effort from which you'll benefit for years to come. Here are just a few of the reasons to let in natural light from above.

Transform spaces with daylight 

Roof windows are a perfect way to transform the look and feel of your space. Light from above illuminates dark corners and brightens rooms. Letting natural light into your rooms will make the colours of your walls stand out and reveal the details of your space. Light makes your house more open and appear bigger. 

Key takeaways
  • Natural daylight has many benefits – both for your health and the feel of your home – and can transform any room if added through a roof window.
  • There are many types of roof windows for different spaces and roof pitches. Find the one that’s right for you with our extensive list
  • A flat roof window brings the magic of natural light to your home, as well as insulation against the elements and noise-control.

The benefits of daylight 

Natural light has countless health benefits that can boost our well-being. It ensures a more restful sleep as well as increased immunity. Daylight from roof windows can provide up to 2-3 times more light than from a vertical façade window of the same size. Investing in roof windows will ensure that you get the maximum benefits from daylight in your home.
"Installing roof windows may seem like a big project, but it's an effort from which you'll benefit for years to come."

Find the right roof window for your house

It is a common misconception that roof windows can only be installed in vaulted ceilings. Actually, roof windows are available for a myriad of roofs, ceilings, and attics. You can be almost certain to find a solution that suits your needs.

Sloping roof windows

If you have a sloped roof with condensed attic space and a flat ceiling, you can choose from multiple sloping and fixed VELUX roof window combinations. The VELUX 3in1 roof window will breathe new life into any room. It can transform any space, bringing in three times as much daylight as a standard, single roof window. 

When planning your installation, be aware that the process can take anywhere from one to five days from start to finish, depending on how deep the shaft is and how it is finished.

Vaulted ceiling  

If you are looking for a roof window for a vaulted ceiling, our VELUX electric or solar-powered roof windows are a great choice. Ideal for out-of-reach areas, VELUX electric or solar-powered roof windows will bring daylight deeper into your home. All electric and solar-powered roof windows come with an automatic rain sensor that will close your roof windows when it starts to rain.

Attic space  

There are many options if you have a converted loft or an apartment directly under the roof. A roof window will open the room up to the view outside, let the daylight in, and make a space more impressive.

With the VELUX roof balcony, you'll be stepping into your own private balcony! Have a coffee break and breathe in the fresh air with the VELUX roof balcony. Connect with the outside and create a unique airy atmosphere. The innovative balcony opens in seconds and will drench your room in natural daylight. 

Low pitch roof 

For roof pitches down to 10°, you'll get the same daylight and fresh air levels as our standard VELUX pitched roof windows.

The VELUX low pitch roof window is perfect for new or existing home extensions with a roof pitch of 10-20°. These roof windows offer an effective solution with a beautiful finish.

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