Foster creativity with an inventive home interior

A shared dining room area together with home office. Man is sitting at the home office table and working with computer
If you've also spent a lot of time working from home lately, you'll agree that our living spaces greatly influence our performance. Our environment can drive our creativity... but it can also stifle it. So, how do you make sure that your home interior nurtures your thoughts and ideas? Here's how you can let your living space inspire you to do your best work.

Your living space influences you more than you realise

Did you know that you can foster creativity by simply having a creative home interior? The spaces that surround us have a significant influence on our imagination.

Get creative at home by stimulating your senses  

Colours, sounds, smells, and objects all stimulate our senses. By creating exciting environments with statement colours and objects, you can kickstart your imagination. If you also manage to integrate fresh air to give you the optimal environment to be focused and relaxed, you're sorted!

Key takeaways
  • Our living spaces influence us more than we realize; to maximise creativity and productivity, make sure your home stimulates your senses.
  • Having increased daylight in your home benefits your creativity and productivity. Adding a roof window will bring more natural daylight into your space.
  • Declutter your home by making creative zones, adding art and objects to the walls, and bringing in more light from above.

Nurture your creativity and productivity with daylight 

An excellent way to nurture your productivity is by ensuring that your work spaces are designed for creative expression. Daylight boosts productivity and helps you focus. If you don't already have one, consider getting a roof window. Not only will you get plenty of daylight, but you'll also be able to look up at the sun, clouds, and stars in the sky; a sure source of inspiration!
" Home should be a place where we can work, educate, entertain friends and family and, perhaps most importantly, relax."

Declutter your home and get creative

When your room is too cluttered, all creativity ceases. For inspiration to thrive, it often requires tidy spaces. By stripping your creative spaces of all unnecessary items and storing things stylishly and out of sight, you can free your mind to focus on the task at hand. Here are some ideas to help you:

Let your walls inspire you

Be inspired and stimulated by the items surrounding you. Art, objects, colours, and wallpaper can spark your imagination and help you get creative at home. Don't forget that you have the ‘fifth wall’ above you. Take advantage of the space with multiple roof windows and let your view of nature inspire you.

Creative zones make for creative thoughts

Make a space designed purely for creativity. We associate different spaces with different activities. You can boost productivity by designing a space that suits your creative needs. Give your tired home office new life by transforming a well-lit room into a unique space.

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