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Low pitch window

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Bring twice the daylight to your house with the low pitch roof window, especially  made for homes with low pitches (10°-20°).  

Turn your home into a brighter space with more natural light by installing low pitched roof windows. Our sloping roof windows can bring in twice as much daylight* as a vertical in the same size making your home so much brighter by allowing daylight to reach deeper into your home.

The low pitch roof window has an exceptional glass-to-edge design that looks stunning from the outside.

The low-pitch single roof window comes in many different window sizes and can be upgraded from manual operation to solar powered operation.

Suitable for roof pitches: 10°-20°
  • Brings twice the daylight to your home
  • New glass-to-edge design
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Boost indoor comfort with a simple upgrade

Best for all-year weather protection and blackout
Roller shutters are the best solution to keep your bedroom cool in summer, warm in winter, while blocking incoming light.
Beat the summer heat and block out light
The anti-heat blackout blinds are ideal for keeping your bedroom cool in summer, while blocking incoming light. Easy installation, no wiring required.
Effortless heat control with daylight and view
Anti-heat blinds are perfect for home offices and living rooms, keeping your space cool and glare-free on sunny days.

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Sustainability is the way we do business

The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 is a 10-year transformational journey in which we pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. Why? Because the world needs it and it is who we are. It’s simply the right thing to do and it’s our nature!
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