Everything you need to know about flat roof windows

A spacious kitchen and dining area with flat roof windows
Do you live in a house with a flat roof? Are you looking to create a brighter living space? Then you'll benefit from flat roof windows. Flat roof windows bring the light deeper into your home and create beautiful light-filled spaces. There's a myriad of options available on the market. Do you know how to find the right window for your home? If not, let us walk you through a few things to consider before choosing the right windows for your flat roof.

Choose the right window for your flat roof

There are many benefits of living under a flat roof. One of them is the possibility of installing flat roof windows. Flat roof windows can provide up to three times more daylight than façade windows of the same size and carry daylight deeper into the room. Here's all you need to know to choose the right flat roof windows for your home.
Key takeaways
  • For flat roofs, there are two roof window pitches to consider: a flat pitch roof window and a low pitch roof window.
  • Flat roof solutions to bring daylight into your space include curved glass rooflights, bespoke roof windows, flat roof domes, and low-pitch roof windows.
  • Accessories such as blinds and shutters, and smart-home solutions such as our VELUX App Control, can improve the usage of your flat roof windows.

1. Roof pitch

Roof windows are an efficient way to flood spaces with natural light from above. Daylight makes a room seem bigger, highlights the area, and can even be used as an interior design element. When choosing the right window for your flat roof, you need to consider the pitch of your roof.

  • Regular flat roof: A flat roof is most often not completely flat! If your roof pitch is between 0-15°, VELUX has a fantastic range of flat roof windows to suit your needs. They come as fixed or electrically vented, and offer a range of solutions, such as the curved glass rooflight that will create a beautiful aesthetic for your roof.
  • Low-pitch roof: If your roof pitch is not flat but not quite ‘sloping’, the VELUX low-pitch roof window might be the right choice for you. Designed for roofs between 10-20°, this window offers glass-to-edge technology and is guaranteed to have the same water-tight installation as a regular sloping roof window.
"Flat roof windows bring the light deeper into your home and create beautiful light-filled spaces. "

2. Solutions

Different needs demand different types of solutions for flat roofs. With VELUX, there is a wide range of possibilities to bring daylight deeper into your spaces:

  • Curved glass rooflights: This revolutionary window design with its unique curved-shaped glass top allows rainwater to quickly drain off the surface - even on 0° roof pitches. It offers maximum daylight and looks beautiful from the inside.
  • Bespoke roof windows: A world-class bespoke rooflight with a Scandinavian design that brings endless daylight and welcomes nature indoors.
  • Flat roof domes: A modern and economical solution with a two-layer, low-energy pane, perfect for offices, clinics, workshops, and homes.
  • Low-pitch roof windows: An innovative solution created by VELUX for new or existing home extensions with a roof pitch of 10-20°.

3. Accessories

Get the most out of your flat roof windows with different accessories.

Choose solar-powered or electric roof windows for those out-of-reach places. The electrically vented frame provides fresh air at the touch of a button - perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Combine them with VELUX App Control for maximum ease of use. Thanks to the app, you can open the window to let the humidity out - even when you are away from home.

Add translucent pleated blinds for decoration, privacy and light filter or anti-heat blackout shutters for maximum comfort on warm summer days.

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