Use daylight in architectural designs

A bright living room space in the white painted attic with roof windows
Do you want to bring your architecture closer to nature? Use daylight in the best possible way in your home! The natural cycles of the sun have a significant impact on us, so the more daylight you can use in your home, the better. Make your architecture shine: natural light has a beautiful glow that ensconces your home and heart.

Bring large spaces to life with daylight

Our home is our safe space where we can relax with our family and friends. Therefore, your home must reflect this with rooms where daylight can flood in. With roof windows, it is possible for the light to reach inside, creating a brighter atmosphere.

Daylight is a natural clock that shows the progress of the day. We spend most of our day indoors, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't connect with nature. You will feel much better by incorporating large roof windows, as light affects everything from sleep quality to natural hormone production.

Key takeaways
  • Large spaces benefit from roof windows thanks to increased daylight.
  • Contemporary architecture can be built to include bright, airy spaces that incorporate daylight.
  • The light from a VELUX roof window can change the experience of a space, depending on the time of day and the placement of the window.
Just think how wonderful it will be to wake up in your bedroom bathed in orange, yellow and pink shades from the morning sunlight. Or maybe you enjoy the afternoon wrapped in a blanket whilst enjoying a good cup of coffee. From your favourite spot on the sofa, you can observe how the light moves over your interior and soft furnishings. Doesn't it sound relaxing? It's all about those small moments that can bring your home architecture to life.
"The natural cycles of the sun have a significant impact on us, so the more daylight you can use in your home, the better."

Modern buildings that use daylight

Contemporary architectural homes can be designed and decorated in the most beautiful ways. An open kitchen with a long oak plank table and designer chairs. A cosy living room with a television and reading section, plus floor-to-ceiling bookcases. What an inviting place to live! With the proper use of natural daylight, the materials and different textures in the architectural design quickly stand out.

The sun’s rays can be wall art in and of themselves. With daylight, you can create the illusion that a room is much bigger than it is. There are many daylight design strategies that you can use in your home.

You can articulate features with shadows and daylight within the building design. Generate strong contrasts with a roof window that reflects concentrated light at specific moments of the day.

The opportunities are endless, depending on how you want to incorporate daylight into the building's design.

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