How to create a “wow” kitchen with natural light

Have you ever seen an amazing kitchen on Instagram and wondered, "How could I get that?" If you are planning your own kitchen renovation and want to create the "wow factor," it’s easy to think it’s all about shiny new appliances, sophisticated cabinetry, or a gigantic island. But if you’re after a kitchen design that truly prompts that jaw-dropping reaction, the most visually impactful factor is to add natural light from above with roof windows.

An abundance of natural light is what elevates a good kitchen renovation to a "wow factor" kitchen. Adding roof windows in your kitchen maximises the amount of natural light in the space, allowing you to create a bright, welcoming, and airy kitchen that feels more open and sophisticated. It’s the kind of kitchen that invites you to linger, whether it’s for a lively family breakfast or a gathering with friends over a good bottle of wine.
Key takeaways
  • Roof windows can add a "wow" factor to a kitchen renovation, opening up the space and making it feel brighter and more spacious.
  • Dark kitchens, even ones with low-pitch roofs, can benefit from roof windows and the light they bring to a space.
  • Our kitchen story shows how adding a roof window to a kitchen space immediately changes the look and feel of the room, making it more inviting and functional.
  • From adding daylight and drama to creating a clean design aesthetic, let’s explore how roof windows can add the "wow effect" to a kitchen.

How roof windows add the "wow" factor to a kitchen renovation

Roof windows add brightness

Adding more natural light is key to transforming a tired, dark kitchen into a modern, inviting space. Whether working with the existing footprint or extending, carefully placed roof windows can fill the kitchen with beautifully soft natural light for many hours a day, which is aesthetically pleasing and can save on energy bills too. Roof windows also help to free up walls for cabinet space where you’d normally put vertical windows; perfect if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

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Roof windows in your kitchen: natural light can create a dramatic change

Adding roof windows can make a dramatic difference to a dull and dark kitchen, even if it has a low pitch roof. Strategically placed roof windows can help bring the daylight in just where you need it, from cooking areas to where the kids do their homework.

Roof windows add a design feature

Flip through any home magazine or watch a renovation show to see how frequently high ceilings are featured in a "wow" kitchen. This bold design choice completely transforms a space, adding sophistication, scale and crisp clean lines. Best of all it brings in more daylight with the addition of roof windows.

If your ceilings are not as high as you would like, you can still create a stunning kitchen by opening the roof up to daylight, just like Jessica and her family did.

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