Myths about roof windows

Home office area in the attic with roof windows and blinds
Don’t let false myths about roof windows keep you from the joy of having a home bathed in natural daylight. There is no good reason not to bring daylight and fresh air from above into your house. It's the best way to improve indoor comfort, transform the space, bring your interiors to life and connect to the world outside. We have collected some of the most frequent misconceptions surrounding roof windows and explained how, with the correct installation and accessories, including roof windows in your next renovation will be no cause for concern at all!

Eventually, all roof windows leak

Of course, if a roof window isn't properly fitted and is sealed incorrectly, it may leak. VELUX roof windows have been designed to be seamlessly installed into your roof and come with a variety of flashings and accessories to match your roof type and pitch. Therefore, as long as you pick a competent, well-trained installer, your roof window should be weather-tight for many years to come! See below for advice on selecting one of our VELUX Certified Installers!
Key takeaways
  • There are many groundless myths about roof windows that keep people from purchasing them.
  • Some believe that roof windows leak easily, make a room too hot, or remove privacy. Proper installation and window accessories easily keep these issues from happening.
  • The myth that roof windows are hard to clean is untrue; from curved glass to pitched windows, VELUX roof windows typically do not collect dirt. Pitched roof windows can rotate 180 degrees so they can be safely cleaned.

Roof windows will make my room too hot in summer

Are you afraid that your home will be too hot in the summer if you add roof windows? Don’t forget – adding roof windows to a space will offer you an easy way to regularly ventilate the room and improve indoor air quality. If hot weather is really a concern, you can also fit your roof windows with external heat protection shutters, allowing you to deflect sunlight and prevent too much of it from entering the space. This means you can maintain a pleasant indoor climate all year round.
" There are so many great reasons to add daylight and fresh air from above into your house. It's the best way to improve indoor comfort, transform the space, bring your interiors to life and connect to the world outside."

You need to clean roof windows all the time

Of course, adding any kind of glazing to your home means a certain level of maintenance and upkeep. As most roof windows are installed at a pitch, most debris or dirt tends not to cling to the glazing and impose upon your view. Even our flat roof window range comes with a curved glass top meaning fewer leaves or twigs can collect on the glass. The good news is that when your pitched roof windows do need cleaning, they rotate easily 180°, meaning you can safely clean the roof window from inside your home.

Roof windows mean I can say ‘good-bye’ to privacy

It is totally understandable that when adding roof windows to any space in your home, you would be afraid of offering your neighbours a view into your house. But with VELUX you can have it all! Fit your roof windows with one of our wide range of VELUX blinds to ensure you have privacy when you need it. From total blackout, to gently filtering out light, VELUX has a blind solution for every room, so you can make the space work for you.

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