Doing home renovation? Read our guide for hiring a professional

Are you considering a home renovation and worried about how you find the right professionals to see the project through? Depending on the project's scope, you might need a single professional or a team. The most important thing is to find a trustworthy professional who can ensure you get the home of your dreams.
Key takeaways
  • If you are doing a home renovation project, find out what types of professionals you will need involved to get the job done properly.
  • Trust is the most important component for hiring a home improvement professional. Ask friends for recommendations or check reputation-based websites.
  • If you are replacing a roof window, consider a VELUX Certified Installer in order to get the best installation and expertise.

Who's involved in a home renovation?

Contractor vs builder - Pros and cons


A builder runs a firm and employs a crew of people who work full-time with renovation and remodelling projects. The crew is often skilled and experienced with housing projects; they know the technicalities of the build. Good builders are often in high demand, so you must be prepared to wait until they are available.

Pros: Knowledge of technicalities and more affordable than a contractor

Cons: Highly in demand 


A contractor is a project manager who subcontracts the work to specialists and technicians. A good contractor supports you in every aspect of your home renovation project and acts as the main point of contact. 

Pros: will manage the full spectrum of project tasks required

Con: not typically the least expensive option

The bottom line is trust

The most important thing is trust. After all, you are putting your future home in someone else's hands. 

A recommendation from someone you know is an excellent way to start, especially if they have had similar work done and can share their experiences.

You can also look online at reputation sites like or to read extensive reviews on the tradesperson you are considering.

Replacing an old roof window?

Minor tasks like replacing a roof window shouldn't be too difficult. You can easily find a VELUX Certified Installer near you by entering your postcode in our Find an Installer tool. We're proud of our products, and we consider them to be the very best on the market. Let us help you choose a competent installer to fit them.
"Need help with your home renovation project? Get a free consultation"Get started

Remodelling? Call VELUX for 3D simulations

Are you deciding on a remodel? If so, think about how you can bring more natural light from above into your new extension.

Are you curious how your home would look with the ideal amount of natural daylight? Our VELUX Daylight Design Advisors are here to help you realise the full potential of your roof.

By taking a look at your plans and using visualisations of your space with different roof window solutions, they can help you envision how much better your space could look with added daylight.

Building a new house? 

When you've decided to build a new house, there are many details to deal with. These practicalities might not be fun, but they are essential.

Despite the boring parts, finally seeing your finished house is thrilling. If you can't wait, you should let us help you realise your dream project. Receive your personal VELUX Daylight Design Concept from our advisors. Start your journey today!


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