Reimagine your bathroom with these bathroom renovation ideas

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A bathroom renovation can be a daunting process. There are many decisions to be made along the way and completing the project will require detailed planning. But giving your bathroom the elegant upgrade you've always wanted will be worth it! Here's a list of ideas for your bathroom renovation that will help you plan the process and make the right decisions.

Design the bathroom of your dreams

There are many things to consider when you want to remodel your bathroom. A bathroom must be functional, practical, and preferably, a bit luxurious. Designing the bathroom of your dreams is all about having a thoughtful plan and budget. Use this list of ideas to help you get started:

Do you know your needs and wishes?

Start by figuring out what you want from your bathroom renovation. Use your current bathroom as a starting point: what do you like about it, what do you want to change, and what can be preserved? Your bathroom may not need a complete makeover; changing the tiles, fixtures, or interior décor is sometimes enough. If it isn't, the preparation you do before embarking on this new adventure is essential!

Think about the location of sockets and electrical appliances, ideas for lighting, storage space, and the position of windows and roof windows. It can be expensive, or even impossible, to go back and install items once the renovation has been done. A well-planned design can save you both time and money.

Key takeaways
  • Decide what you like and don’t like about your current bathroom, then decide if you need small changes or a complete renovation.
  • Natural light is the key to creating a spa-like atmosphere or luxurious bathroom design.
  • VELUX roof windows allow you to add daylight and fresh air without compromising privacy.

Do you have a plan? And a budget?

Whether your bathroom renovation is a DIY project or you're going to hire a contractor to do the job, a plan and a budget will go a long way!

A bathroom renovation is an investment. Start by establishing a budget and timeline. If you're doing the work yourself, allow more time for each step and consider hiring professionals for technical work such as plumbing and electrical.

A detailed plan also makes it easier for a contractor to understand what you want from the renovation. Make sure your contractor is on the same page as you - don't just assume - and spell out every part of the plan. Over time, keep checking in to make sure they're aligned with the plan.

Make the most of your bathroom renovation with these interior design tips

Small bathroom? Think big! Bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the house, so indulge a bit without going over budget. Heated floors of less than 100 square metres can be affordable. Smart showers and bathtubs save energy and add convenience. Consider what you can splurge on without going over budget, and when possible, reuse, recycle, repair, or buy second-hand.

"A great bathroom is functional, practical... and a bit luxurious! Designing the bathroom of your dreams starts with a thoughtful plan and budget."

See your bathroom renovation in a whole new natural light

Look up and say "hello" to your fifth wall! Also known as your ceiling, your fifth wall is your bathroom's most unnoticed yet impactful wall. It's an untapped design opportunity that has the power to transform your bathroom. Here's why roof windows are a must-have on your bathroom renovation list!

Let in natural light and plenty of fresh air

Bring a new look and feel to your bathroom with natural light. Daylight makes your space come alive by bringing out the true colours of your walls and décor. When it comes to creating a spa-like atmosphere or luxurious bathroom design, natural light is key.

Bathe your bathroom in natural light and fresh air by installing roof windows in your bathroom. VELUX roof windows will transform your room without limiting your space or sacrificing privacy and provide plenty of fresh air and ventilation. Let in clean air and daylight while removing humid air.

3 reasons you'll love roof windows in your bathroom

Natural light helps us maintain our health and well-being. Its restorative and transformative powers brighten our lives. Here are 3 other reasons you'll love roof windows in your bathroom:

  • Privacy: Roof windows are positioned on your roof, capturing the sun's light without compromising privacy in your bathroom
  • Ventilation: Bathrooms need ventilation to allow steam and condensation to escape. VELUX roof windows open to provide fresh air and ventilation.
  • Better lighting: Natural light supplies a clean, white light that is perfect for getting ready to leave the house.

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