Are you considering new bathroom windows? Here’s why roof windows are a bright idea

A white painted bathroom area with sink and mirror and a two roof windows with blinds
The bathroom is a neglected room in many homes. You may already know that we spend up to half of our lives in our bedrooms, so have you considered how much of your life is spent in the bathroom? A general estimate is that you spend 1 hour and 42 minutes per week in your bathroom. This alone is a great reason to transform your bathroom into an inviting and cosy environment where you enjoy spending time.  When creating a gorgeous bathroom, roof windows are a great addition.

3 reasons why you should install roof windows in your bathroom  

There are many benefits to including a roof window in your bathroom. Learn the most significant ‘wins’ of having a roof window in your bathroom. 

Natural lighting without sacrificing privacy  

A roof window will give you complete privacy when placed high on a roof. It offers more privacy and comfort in the bathroom than traditional vertical bathroom windows. 

Key takeaways
  • Your bathroom will benefit from roof windows due to increased natural light without a loss of privacy, better ventilation, and a space that looks bigger.
  • Choosing the right roof windows for your bathroom is essential. Electric and solar-powered roof windows are great for smaller bathrooms. Having a PU finish ensures that your bathroom can handle humid air, while shutters or blinds ensure privacy.
  • Add a smart home solution for additional ease in controlling your bathroom environment. VELUX Active with NETATMO monitors and controls indoor air quality from a home sensor to your smartphone.

Makes the space visually bigger   

The bathroom is almost never one of the largest rooms in the house. More likely, the bathroom is one of the smaller rooms, and it can therefore be a challenging room to decorate and light. You can do both with a roof window. The height and placement of the roof window will make the room appear more spacious. If the window is integrated into the roof, natural daylight will fill the bathroom, giving it an inviting look and airy atmosphere.

Fresh air and ventilation  

When taking showers, the bathroom becomes damp and humid, which makes fresh air and proper ventilation essential. The climate in the bathroom suffers when poorly ventilated. A large bathroom window that you can open after a shower will create air circulation for a better indoor environment. 

"A general estimate is that you spend 1 hour and 42 minutes per week in your bathroom. This alone is a great reason to transform your bathroom into an inviting and cosy environment where you enjoy spending time. "

Choose the right bathroom windows  

When it comes to choosing the right bathroom windows, there is much to take into consideration. If the end goal is to gain more daylight in your bathroom, then you need to understand the orientation of the room. With this knowledge, you can calculate the window's optimal placement. When it comes to ventilation, a highly placed roof window can capture more air, allowing for improved circulation.

Electric roof windows – easy access to natural daylight  

Electric or solar-powered roof windows are a perfect solution for smaller bathrooms. A narrow or small bathroom can feel cramped. To combat this, a window can open the space, but must be installed at a suitable height for complete privacy. This is where a solar-powered or electric roof window really comes in handy, as you will be able to open and close it remotely, using a wall switch or your smart phone.

Make sure your roof windows can handle the steam!

When having a roof window added, make sure you are picking the right internal finish for your room. All those hot baths can make the bathroom a very humid space, so consider selecting a roof window in a moisture-resistant polyurethane finish. The VELUX centre-pivot white polyurethane roof window has a modern white finish that you will find easy to maintain, clean and keep dry.

Blinds and shutters  

When it comes to windows, privacy is always a consideration. If there are sight lines from your bathroom window, choose our Venetian blinds. They are discreet, providing you with privacy in your bathroom. Our venetian blinds are moisture-resistant, making them perfect for a bathroom.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO – control your windows and indoor climate

VELUX ACTIVE is our smart automated indoor climate control solution to operate your VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windows, blinds and shutters.

VELUX ACTIVE gives you an overview of your indoor air quality and monitors the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to ensure that your room is ventilated regularly. 

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