The Jewel of Liguria

Nestled in the scenic heart of Liguria, Italy, Caroline and Laurent's Luxury Family Villa is an exquisite Paradise Home overlooking the Gulf of Montecarlo. This lavish retreat boasts a blend of open-plan living and intimate, green courtyard gardens.
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The Best of Mediterranean Living

Boasting seven VELUX roof windows, five plush bedrooms, and sprawling living spaces, Caroline and Laurent's Luxury Family Villa combines natural light and exotic vegetation to create a sun-kissed sanctuary complete with a swimming pool, a soothing whirlpool, and a spacious sun terrace. Designed as an extravagant luxury home, it offers a true Mediterranean experience by harnessing the full potential of daylight and the natural world.

Man and woman giving their top 3 design tips when building with daylight

Caroline & Laurent’s Top 3 Design Tips

Caroline and Laurent offer their essential tips for designing and building a Paradise Home.
Man and woman talking about the art of home ventilation

The Art of Home Ventilation

Learn how Caroline and Laurent's architect was able to design a comprehensive ventilation strategy using roof windows and mechanical systems.
Roof with multiple VELUX roof windows

Understanding Roof & Façade Windows

Discover the various types of light that roof and façade windows offer inside Caroline and Laurent's Luxury Family Villa.
Big green plant with roof light shining down on it

The Enclosed Patio Oasis

Laurent discusses the effect of their enclosed patio and how a VELUX roof window has enhanced the area beyond the ordinary.
Man and woman explaining how daylight energises your home life

How Daylight Energises Your Home Life

Feel the uplifting power of daylight with insights from Laurent and learn how the sun gives him an early morning boost.
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Green plant in the shadow of roof lights


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Electric products

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Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub
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