A Swedish Island Paradise

Goda is Emanuel and Majken's idyllic escape. This charming Swedish Paradise Home, inspired by traditional Scandinavian fishing villages, features a main house, sauna, greenhouse, and furthermore, all bathed in natural light from six VELUX roof windows.
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A Haven of Heart and Heritage

Emanuel and Majken's Goda is a unique ensemble of village-like structures on Svartsö Island. Each element, from the 'Mini Goda' to the greenhouse, radiates warmth and community. Designed as more than just a home, it's become a tranquil retreat for family, a celebration of simplicity, and a symbol of their Scandinavian heritage. This Paradise Home blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings, creating an idyllic space for family bonding and peaceful living.

Bringing the outside in with VELUX roof windows

Blending the Indoors and Outdoors

Join Emanuel as he explain how Goda's design blurs the indoor-outdoor divide, seamlessly integrating nature into home life.
Woman explaining how VELUX roof windows help capturing light

Unlocking the Full Potential of Daylight

Majken reveals how Goda's design maximises daylight, enhances the living spaces, and transforms her family's daily life.
Man explaining how to design a home with daylight

Windows as Gateways to the Natural World

Discover how Goda is uniquely designed to follow the sun's path for optimal light exposure, creating a consistently bright experience all day long.
Woman explaining how to use blinds for a good nights sleep

Sweet Dreams Begin with Blackout Blinds

Majken shares how blackout blinds ensure a restful night's sleep by preventing early sun rises from causing unexpected wake-ups.
Two VELUX roof windows showing the feeling that the house creates with daylight

Elevating the Home Experience

Emanuel explores how Goda's VELUX roof windows maximise light, space, and sky to create a more natural home experience.
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Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub
Very large green plant in glass display with daylight coming from above

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