A Panoramic Cliff-top Paradise

Eagle Rock is a cliff-top Paradise Home on the Isle of Mull, offering stunning 20-mile views of the surrounding natural beauty. Designed and owned by Roderick James and Amanda Markham, it is a stunning example of modern country living.
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A Scottish Masterpiece

Roderick and Amanda designed Eagle Rock in an elliptical shape to achieve panoramic views of the Sound of Mull. To complement this, they incorporated four VELUX roof windows into the structure, which not only invite an abundance of natural light into the interior but also serve to deepen the connection between the indoors and the majestic outdoors. The result is a luminous Paradise Home that shifts with the time of day and season.

Man and woman giving their top tips for building with daylight

Top 3 Tips for Building Paradise

Roderick and Amanda offer their insights and advice on what it takes to build a true Paradise Home.
Man explaining why skylight placement matters

Why Skylight Placement Matters

Roderick explores skylight placement strategies and explains how daylight provides both functional and aesthetic qualities.
House with VELUX roof windows

Roof or Façade Windows?

Roderick explains the power of both roof and façade windows and explores how they enhance the experience of living at Eagle Rock.
Velux roof window in wooden ceiling

A Breath of Fresh Scottish Air

Discover how VELUX roof windows improve indoor comfort through seamless ventilation and cooling.
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Alan Cumming smiling in bathtub
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