Design your living room with natural daylight

A cozy living room in the attic with 3in1 roof windows with blinds
Design your living room to create the most welcoming home environment for every family member. One of the ways to make the most of this space is by inviting in the light from above.  Natural light can be one of the most significant improvements to your living space, so if you’re ready to design and transform your living room, continue reading!

Are you getting enough daylight from your windows? 

Daylight is key for a healthy living environment. Studies show that daylight has been associated with improved mood, less fatigue, and reduced eyestrain. So, if you think that you’re not getting enough daylight through your windows, maybe it’s time to consider adding more daylight from above with roof windows.

Get more daylight with roof windows

Of course, the benefits of natural daylight are obvious, but what is not so obvious is how the positioning of the glazing in your room can make a huge difference. Daylight through a roof window reaches further into a space than vertical glazing of the same size – meaning you can significantly transform your space by pairing your façade windows or bifold doors with a VELUX roof window.

Make the living room appear bigger

The living room is often decorated with family photos, the kids’ art, furniture, trinkets and souvenirs. All the elements that make up a living room can also appear a bit cluttered, making the room seem smaller than it actually is. One of the ways you can make a living room feel more spacious is by adding more daylight. Not only will this injection of light make the space feel bigger, but you will also be able to better show off all those precious family photos in a much better light!

Key takeaways
  • If you’re not sure you’re getting enough daylight in your living room, it may be time to add a roof window for increased natural light. It will make the room brighter and appear bigger.
  • Using the right colours can make the daylight in your room really shine. Find the colour palette that speaks to you, and make sure you know the orientation of both your room and your roof window.
  • Choosing the right roof window, accessories, and smart home solution is essential for getting the most out of your daylight.

Create daylight magic with roof windows and colours 

As sophisticated as artificial lighting has become in the last few years, nothing can authentically transform a space in the same way as natural light. So why not try and get as much in as possible?

Use colours to enhance the effect of daylight

The right colours in your living room can enhance the daylight coming in. Paint your walls in dusky colours or in a medium-coloured, non-reflective paint. Roof windows can reduce the glare from walls by projecting the sunlight downwards onto the floor.

Don’t forget to consider the orientation of your room

The direction your room is facing has an impact on how the light will interact with your space. Will you have the rising sun shining in through your windows every morning? Or perhaps you will be lucky enough to catch the warmer, softer tones of a sunset during the evening. Consider this when deciding on your colour palette, the positioning of your furniture, and make sure your plants are placed in the room to get the sunlight exposure they need.

"As sophisticated as artificial lighting has become in the last few years, nothing can authentically transform a space in the same way as natural light. So why not try and get as much in as possible?"

Choose the right daylight solution for your living room

When considering which roof windows to add to your living room, there is a lot to think about. You need to consider how you let in as much daylight as possible, whilst also creating a comfortable indoor climate for you and your family.

Invite in three times the daylight with a 3in1 roof window

A 3in1 roof window offers you three roof windows in one easily installed frame. This showstopping daylight solution will become the focal point of any room, offering panoramic views and an abundance of natural light. This solution is perfect for a space where family and friends spend time together. If the window is out of reach, select the solar-powered 3in1 roof window, so you can open and close the window remotely from a wall switch or your smartphone (see VELUX ACTIVE). 

Control the light and heat in your space

Adding VELUX translucent roller blinds to your roof windows allows you to gently filter out the bright sunlight whilst keeping your room bathed in a warm glow. If heat is a concern, you can also accessorise your roof windows with anti-heat blinds – an external blind that prevents the sun from entering your home, keeping the room at a pleasant temperature.

Take control of your indoor climate

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO is the ultimate smart home solution for indoor climate control. VELUX ACTIVE uses indoor climate sensors to automatically track air quality and temperature. It works with all of your VELUX solar-powered or electric products, opening and closing them to regulate your indoor climate, as well as keep it well-ventilated and at optimal air-quality. Once installed, you will also be able to control your solar-powered and electric windows, blinds and shutters from your smartphone.

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