How to create a perfect living room

A lining room area with corner sofa and two roof windows above it.
Breathe new life into your home with a living room renovation. The living room is a cornerstone in most homes; it’s where we relax after a long day or entertain guests. One of the ways you can transform your living room is by adding a roof window.

Transform your living room with natural light 

A roof window can completely change the look and feel in the living room. The placement of the roof window will allow the room to be filled with natural daylight, as well as providing great ventilation. No one wants to spend too much time in a dark space; that’s why good lighting is essential.

Use the daylight productively 

Daylight is a free natural resource! To get most out of the daylight, you need to know the orientation of your house so that you can best capture the light as the sun moves across the sky. There are several benefits of having natural daylight in your living room, including decreased lightbulb usage and an improved indoor climate.

Connect the outdoors with your living room

Modern living includes integrating your home with its natural surroundings. There’s a general trend towards more plants in the home, but you don’t need to create an indoor jungle to bring the natural world into your living room. Roof windows can integrate the outdoors with your indoor space, welcoming in more fresh air and daylight.

Key takeaways
  • Make your living room feel like a whole new space by using natural daylight. It is essential to know the direction of your room so that you can best capture the light throughout the day with proper roof window placement.
  • Adding a roof window to your living room creates a healthy indoor environment through fresh air and natural light.
  • Get a checklist for your living room improvement including finding out the room’s focal point, creating a colour palette, and making a budget.

Create a healthy environment 

It is essential to have a healthy indoor climate in your home. This is especially true of the living room, where we spend so much of our time with family and friends.

Better air and ventilation 

One of the main benefits of including a roof window in your living room is the ventilation opportunities that come with it. The living room is a place where people gather for parties and relaxing. With a roof window, you can get better circulation of air in your living room; with a high placement of the roof window, you can also prevent a cold draft.

Increase the amount of natural light 

You can increase the amount of natural daylight in your home with a roof window more so than with vertical or dormer windows. Studies show that under similar conditions, roof windows provide at least twice as much daylight as vertical glazing. In addition to more daylight, roof windows reduce the risk of glare.

Make your living room feel bigger

It may not be possible to make your living room bigger in terms of adding more floorspace; this is where roof windows come in! They give you the opportunity to add more light and depth to your living room, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

"A roof window can completely change the look and feel in the living room."

Get a natural vibe with a roof window 

Roof windows can provide your living room with natural daylight. In addition to the benefits of bringing daylight into your home, you will also get better ventilation and circulation, as well as safety thanks to the higher placement of the roof windows.

Integrate the natural environment through roof windows 

When you use roof windows, you can integrate the surroundings of your house in a natural way. Large windows will act as a canvas for nature and you will be able to follow the changing light of the day, as well as the seasons.

Use your compass

If you have already planned your living room makeover and are now in the process of figuring out where to place your roof windows, consider the orientation of the room. This will help you to let in as much daylight as possible.

  1. North: For a living room that faces north, choose warmer shades and a roof window to let in more daylight.
  2. East: With a roof window placement facing east, you can capture the morning sun. Here you can paint your walls with a hint of green to make the room softer and more inviting.
  3. West: A roof window facing west will be darker than other directions. For a cosy feeling, paint your walls in earthy tones.
  4. South: If your room is facing south, it will likely be the sunniest space in the house! Tone down these rooms with softer hues such as green, grey, or light shades of blue.

How to plan your living room makeover 

If you’re dreaming of renovating your living room, you’ll need a detailed plan. The living room should have a cosy atmosphere. Some things to take into consideration when you want to renovate are:

  1. What needs does the living room serve?
  2. Where is the focal point/main area in the room?
  3. What is the colour palette for the rest of the house?
  4. What is your budget?

Connect your kitchen and living room 

If you want your living room to appear bigger and to connect multiple rooms, then an open plan kitchen/living room environment is a great solution. With an open and integrated layout, you can cook whilst enjoying the company of your family and/or guests. When you decide to integrate and connect two rooms, ventilation and light are important. Before you start your renovation, do your research thoroughly.

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