Brand-new roof windows can increase energy efficiency and add lots of daylight. Discover how Jo and Jacob created the perfect room for their daughter.

A bright home embracing a picturesque garden escape

“Everyone knows how important it is to use the outside space as much as the inside these days, and this provided that for us – lots of natural light, lots of windows”, Jacob explained.

Meet Jo and Jacob Sanderson who live in Nottingham with their two daughters Tilly and Maisie, and their dog Bass.

Five years ago, the family moved to the Aslockton area because they were drawn in by its safe and friendly environment, charming green fields, and closer proximity to family.

Energy efficiency and peace of mind

Jo shared, “With our eldest daughter Tilly growing up, we wanted to create a bedroom for her with some more space, so we converted one of the spare rooms for her. As part of the renovation for this room, we decided to replace the old windows and we had some brand-new VELUX roof windows put in. The main reason for this was to be more energy efficient but also to give us peace of mind that she would be kept warm.”

The decision to invest in new roof windows not only addressed their energy efficiency concerns but also provided them with comfort knowing that their daughter's bedroom would be adequately insulated. Their thoughtful approach to designing an energy-efficient living space for their growing daughter has created the perfect place for her to play and sleep.

“We also decided to get the VELUX blinds fitted and they’re great because you can pull them down and they turn into blackout blinds which is perfect for the lighter summer evenings when Tilly needs to go to bed. It creates a nice dark room for her to sleep in, and the pleated side keeps it nice and bright in the daytime but keeps the harsh sunlight out so she can still be up here and play with her toys.”

A wonderful family environment

Jo explained, “When we were looking for a house, we wanted to start a family. This house really provided the extra space we were looking for.” Jacob added, “The kids play outside whilst Jo and I prepare dinner, it just creates a wonderful environment for us.”

The house they found not only met their spatial needs but also offered the advantage of a well-utilised outdoor area. The family appreciate the connection between the kitchen and the garden room. The harmonious blend of space, natural light and functional design has created a wonderful environment for the family.

“The garden room is attached to the kitchen so it’s nice and light and airy”, Jo said.

Delight found in daylight

Jo expressed her deep appreciation for the room's role as it has created a happy and nurturing environment that supports her little one’s personal growth.

“We didn’t realise what a difference it would make to this room, and it’s created such a nice, light airy space.”

“I think more than anything, we’re just really happy with how the room has turned out and it’s great to see how happy it’s made Tilly. Watching her grow with the room is fantastic.”

“We didn’t realise what a difference it would make to this room, and it’s created such a nice, light airy space.”

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