René and Kristina had outgrown their apartment in central Copenhagen when they began looking for a home with a garden for their family of four. They found a house in Brønshøj, a suburb of Copenhagen, that had potential from bottom to top. There was a large basement for René’s band practice and an unused attic they could renovate into a multi-purpose room. With 18 new VELUX roof windows, the couple has transformed the top floor of their house with a stunning attic-to-room conversion, bringing in lots of daylight and expanding the ceiling height of the loft. The converted attic is a perfect addition to the home – a calming space for work and relaxation.

Adding extra space to a loft conversion enhanced with roof windows

When René and Kristina told the builders that they wanted to convert the attic space of their new house into a room, they were not met with enthusiasm.

“They couldn't see the potential at all. The attic was dark, narrow, and had an old chimney in the middle. Nevertheless, we knew we wanted to do it”, says René, who sought advice from VELUX consultants on what type of windows would contribute most to the space.

Today, the converted attic has VELUX roof windows on both sides, adding to the ceiling height and expanding the possibilities for the new room.

“The attic space has been transformed. The amount of daylight from all angles, the view of neighbourhood rooftops and gardens, and the whole atmosphere makes you forget about everything else that is going on in the house”, says Kristina.

Transforming the home with daylight

René and Kristina cherish their family life and have made great efforts to make life comfortable for both the kids and adults in their new house. In the bedroom, for example, they have installed new VELUX windows on both sides of the room. The windows have even created a bedtime ritual for their children.

“The kids love winding down in the bedroom. When we tuck them in for the night, we often lie under the new VELUX roof windows above the bed and look up and count the clouds or stars in the sky,” says Kristina.

The view of the sky has also affected Kristina and René's choices when decorating their bedroom.

“The sky is preeminent here – it is what you see and feel when you walk into the room, so it made sense to go with the blue colour

scheme on the walls and built-in furniture. It gives the room a calming vibe”, says Kristina.

Multipurpose rooms

As a couple with two small children, René and Kristina have a lot to do with work, hobbies, and time with the family. The couple has created a space that invites relaxation with the newly renovated top floor and converted loft.

“Life with two small kids can be chaotic! That is why we have put so much energy into creating a home that allows us to have some time for ourselves. While René plays his music in the basement, I love going to the converted attic and doing yoga or working out. The space is perfect for it – the daylight fills me with energy”, says Kristina. ”It means a lot that we can follow the rhythm of the day due to the daylight. Even after a night of interrupted sleep with our youngest, we wake up and are energised by the daylight and the fresh air.”

While the couple loves to entertain in the rest of the house, they reserve the newly remodelled top floor for themselves.

“We love to show the space off to our friends and family, who cannot believe what a difference the new VELUX roof windows have made for both the bedroom and the attic-to-room conversion – but mostly, we like to keep it for ourselves. It is where we go to relax, be with the kids, exercise under the roof windows, or answer some emails at the end of

the day. There is always calm and quiet here – even if the rest of the house is pure chaos”, says René.

René and Kristina saw the potential from the beginning; they knew a converted attic with plenty of daylight was just what their family needed.

attic to room loft conversion-dad on bed with child

“The kids love winding down in the bedroom. When we tuck them in for the night, we often lie under the new VELUX roof windows above the bed and look up and count the clouds or stars in the sky,”

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