Bring more natural light into your kitchen with VELUX roof windows

Dining room space under the slope roof with roof windows
Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where family meals are shared and where the kids make a mess. It’s where you talk, laugh, think… and moan about the dishes. It’s often the busiest room in the house. So why not give your kitchen the boost it deserves? With VELUX roof windows you will see your kitchen in a whole new light.

Is it time for a kitchen upgrade?

Light can completely transform your kitchen. Natural light will make your decor pop, open up your space, and give you better air quality and ventilation. Strategically placed roof windows are the perfect upgrade for almost any kitchen. This space will not only be the liveliest room in the house; it will also be everyone’s favourite place to come together.

A kitchen with natural light

There are many reasons why letting natural light in from above is a good idea. There are countless benefits to natural daylight. A kitchen bathed in natural light is where you want to spend your time and where you’ll love to cook.
Key takeaways
  • Three reasons to install VELUX roof windows in your kitchen are that they open up your space, they improve air quality and ventilation, and that you’ll get the numerous health benefits of increased natural daylight.
  • Decide on the right window for your space. Larger spaces require larger windows, such as the VELUX 3in1 window. Single centre-pivot roof windows and top-hung roof windows are both ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Smart home solutions can make your kitchen roof windows more functional, including App Control, VELUX Active with NETATMO, and electric or solar blinds.

3 reasons to add VELUX roof windows to the kitchen

1. Open up your space

Light from above will illuminate the dark corners of your kitchen and really brighten up your space. Letting natural light into your kitchen will make the colours of your walls stand out and reveal the details of your interior. Light will simply make your kitchen appear bigger and more open.

2. Better air quality and ventilation

Proper ventilation is important to maintaining good indoor air quality. Fresh air is known to offer a wide range of benefits, including a strengthened immune system. With roof windows, it’s possible to even better improve the flow of fresh air in your home by installing windows on both sides of the room.

3. Numerous health benefits and better indoor lighting

Natural light has numerous health benefits that can enrich our physical and mental well-being. Exposure to sunlight is a natural way to productivity and mood.

"Natural light will make your decor pop, open up your space, and give you better air quality and ventilation."

Find the right roof windows for your kitchen

3in1 for large and medium spaces

Our 3in1 roof windows are designed for maximum daylight and panoramic views. With three individual sashes set in a single frame, the 3in1 roof window will completely change your kitchen into a bright, inviting space. These are ideal for larger spaces like open-plan kitchen / dining rooms.

Single centre-pivot roof window for small spaces

Strategically placed single centre-pivot roof windows can make a big change to your small kitchen. A centre-pivot roof window is easy to operate even with furniture or kitchen appliances beneath. The control bar allows you to install the window lower than top-hung roof windows.

Top-hung roof windows are usually installed a bit higher but are easy to operate with the convenient handle at the bottom of the sash. The top-hung roof window opens outwards for an unobstructed view. Use our guide to find the perfect top-hung or centre-pivot roof windows that suit your needs.

Add smart functions to your VELUX roof windows


Add blinds that offer flexible lighting and privacy control. Choose between 16 colours and three methods of operation. Electric or solar-powered blinds are recommended for VELUX solar-powered or electric roof windows. Solar-powered blinds are wireless and can therefore also be installed on manual roof windows.

Anti-heat control

Keep your room cool during sunny and warm days with effective heat protection. Anti-heat blinds are installed to the exterior of your roof window and can reduce heat intake by up to 77% whilst still allowing some sunlight to shine through.

Electric control for out-of-reach spaces

Choose our VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windowsblinds and shutters for ultimate comfort. This system lets you open and close your VELUX products with a pre-paired wall switch. With a built-in rain sensor that closes your roof windows, it’s a worry-free system and the perfect solution for those out-of-reach roof windows.

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO – control your windows with our app

VELUX ACTIVE is our smart automated indoor climate control to operate your solar-powered and electric roof windows, blinds, and shutters. Use it from anywhere with your smartphone. Download the VELUX ACTIVE app and use the room sensor to get an instant overview of the indoor air quality in all your rooms where the sensor is present. VELUX ACTIVE monitors the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, ensuring that your room is ventilated regularly.

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