Transform your kitchen with these kitchen design tips

A dark painted kitchen with golden details and marble table top
Looking for kitchen design tips? Make your kitchen a vibrant, functional and beautiful space by following these tips.

The best kitchen design tips to make it the heart of your home

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. From quick breakfasts to long conversations over family meals, the kitchen is where life happens. Many of us spend countless hours in the kitchen, so making it a space you enjoy is essential. A well-considered design can help you achieve this. Here are our tips for making the most of your kitchen:

Make your kitchen fit for socialising

The kitchen is a focal point of the house. It's often where family and friends gather before food is served. Therefore, working a kitchen island into your design is a great idea. A kitchen island gives you extra space for cooking, working, eating or socialising. Furnish your island with comfortable dining chairs or bar stools to encourage people to stick around and increase time spent together.

Key takeaways
  • The kitchen is the heart of the home, so creating a beautiful and functional space is a top priority.
  • In the design, consider how people will gather and also functional elements like smart appliances and waste disposal.
  • Including roof windows will make your kitchen pop, from being able to see every corner thanks to natural daylight, to enjoying the colour palette, to strong ventilation that takes care of humid air and odours.

Smart appliances make your life easier

Smart fridges with built-in memo boards and shopping list functions, smart ovens that pre-heat food, and kitchen blocks that sterilise utensils: many smart solutions have appeared on the market in recent years. Make daily life easier by integrating smart appliances into your kitchen design.

Create a high-end, modern feel with natural light

Create a modern kitchen by letting the inside and the outside come together. A roof window solution captures the feeling of the outdoors and brings it inside, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

"Many of us spend countless hours in the kitchen, so making it a space you enjoy is essential. A well-considered design can help you achieve this."

Creating a space you love

Make your kitchen a place you'll love for years to come. By incorporating sustainable measures, colours, natural light, and ventilation in your kitchen design, the kitchen will quickly become your favourite room in the home.

Be sustainable – make recycling easy

Being sustainable should be second nature. That's why sorting waste should be as simple as possible. Plan spaces for waste: equip a cupboard with separate bins for glass, plastic and metal and have an extra drawer for old newspapers and other packaging that need to be recycled.

Let your kitchen breathe

Lit ovens, kettles, and electrical appliances can quickly make the kitchen feel hot. Including roof windows as part of your kitchen design is a natural way to keep temperatures down. With roof windows, you can air the space out in just minutes after cooking or parties.

Make the colours pop

Choose colours that make you happy. Soft shades on kitchen cabinets can visually expand a small space, and dark colours are great for creating an atmosphere and personality. Make sure to incorporate plenty of natural light into your kitchen design, no matter which colours you choose. Letting natural light into your kitchen will make the space appear bigger and make the colours in your kitchen pop!

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