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Prices from £1,550.00 excl. VAT

Create an impressive panoramic view with the new 3-in-1 roof window, bringing even more light into your life. What could be better than the classic convenience of a VELUX roof window? The 3-in-1 roof window has slimmer profiles, allowing you to enjoy even more daylight and ventilation. 


  • Increase daylight - VELUX 3-in-1’s roof window design invites in an abundance of  light
  • Panoramic view - Enjoy an extensive view  to the outside with extra  slim frame profiles
  • Value for money - Get three windows at the  same price as a standard combination of two windows

Suitable for roof pitches between 15° and 90°


Be inspired with bigger, brighter ideas

VELUX has been bringing light to life for over 75 years, refining each design to perfection. See how 3-in-1 can fit into different styles.


Let there be
(even more) light

Increases daylight

3-in-1’s roof window design invites an abundance of light.

More value for money

Get 3 windows at the same price as a combination of 2 comparable window sizes

Panoramic view

See the difference 3-in-1 makes when the width is twice the height.

Three sashes, one frame

Each of the sections has its own sash, giving you flexibility and control.

Easy installation

The new unique module installation system on 3-in-1 makes it easier to install more windows in one installation.

Slimmer profiles

For 3-in-1, we’ve reduced the frame profiles giving you a panoramic view.

Installation training for Professionals

Attend one of our free 3-in-1 installation training courses and discover how straightforward it is to install three VELUX roof windows in one frame!

3-in-1 features

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    Experience a more comfortable home and lower energy bills with VELUX ThermoTechnology™. Innovative use of high performance materials in the window construction provides excellent energy efficiency, insulation and an airtight seal. Look for the ThermoTechnology™ seal for your guarantee of excellent energy efficiency.
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    Natural ventilation

    Natural ventilation

    Let fresh air into your home even when you are away or sleeping, without having to worry about security or bad weather. Pull the unique top control bar once and you will allow fresh, filtered air to enter through the ventilation flap.
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    One frame 
    3 x GGL FK06 or 3 x FK08
    Pane 70 or pane 60



    EDWS (for profiled roofing material up to 120 mm thick)
    EDLS (for slate up to 8 mm thick) 


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    How to clean your window

    How to clean your window

    To clean the outer pane, rotate the sash 180 degrees. The sash must be secured in position by sliding the barrel bolt into the bushing at the bottom of the side frame. The air filter can be removed and washed with ordinary household cleaners. Fully rotate and secure the window in cleaning position, then remove the filter from the filter rail.
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    If you want to prolong the longevity of your VELUX roof window or simply give it a touch up, this is the place to look. 

    VELUX offers a range of products that will come in handy if you want to replace an air filter, repair a scratch, lubricate hinges, paint your window and give it a new and shiny look.

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    Complete your VELUX roof window with VELUX accessories. There is a blind for every need. Whether you go for the benefits or just for the looks: VELUX offer a wide range of decorative solutions in colors that fit your style.

    Keep the heat out with solar-powered VELUX INTEGRA® anti-heat blinds. 


Smart Control

VELUX 3-in-1 windows comes with manual opening, however, it is possible to upgrade the windows with VELUX INTEGRA® in order to have motorised opening including a wall switch to control the windows. This will provide you with the extra convenience of easy control for both out-of-reach and within-reach windows. Add VELUX App control to allow you to control your roof windows and blinds from your smartphone. For a full smart home solution, upgrade with VELUX ACTIVE for smartphone control and a healthier indoor climate.   


Sleek and modern

VELUX 3-in-1 has been carefully designed to maximise the amount of daylight entering a home. Using extra-slim profiles, offer you 23%* more daylight for an improved look, a brighter room and the feeling of more space.

*compared to 3 individual roof windows of the same size.