Breathe new life into your house with a roof window replacement

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For many, replacing a roof window is a home improvement task that can be accomplished by simply upgrading their roof windows to a newer model of the same size. But roof windows have long since moved away from being just a functional element in the home to being an aesthetic must-have. There are many new models and options to consider if you're doing a home improvement project. You can easily breathe new life into your space by upgrading your replacement windows to a different kind of roof window.

Experience the benefits of daylight with a replacement roof window

It may seem like a good idea to simply replace your roof windows with like-for-like solutions or upgrade your old window to a new model. If you're already re-roofing, however, this is a perfect time to explore other options.

Don't undertake a major construction project – just replace your roof windows

One of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a house without going through a big construction project is by bringing in more natural light. Roof windows are the perfect solution. Using roof windows in your home improvement project is an excellent way to introduce additional natural light into your home.
Key takeaways
  • If you are re-roofing your home, it is the ideal time to replace your roof window.
  • It is possible to do a like-for-like replacement of your window, or upgrade to something bigger that will add more daylight to your space.
  • Options for upgrading your roof window include the 3in1 window and roof balcony. You can also add roof window accessories such as blinds and shutters, and smart home solutions.

The benefits of prioritising natural light in your home

There's no better time to install roof windows than when you're undertaking a home improvement project. There are many great reasons to bring more daylight into your home.

Natural light has many benefits for your well-being and health. Sunlight, for instance, is a natural anti-depressant, and exposure to daylight can improve mood.

A good rule of thumb is that in order to ensure an adequate level of daylight, the glazed area of all windows should be no less than 20% of the floor area of a room. By adding daylight to your space, you can create a more comfortable and pleasant environment in almost any room!

"There's no better time to install roof windows than when you're undertaking a home improvement project."

Upgrade your home with the best replacement roof window solutions

There's a roof window for every room! Here are a few examples of roof windows to consider for your project:

Discover the 3in1

A brilliant way to let in daylight is by installing a VELUX 3in1 roof window. With three individual sashes set in a single frame, the 3in1 is quicker to install and more cost-effectivethan purchasing three single roof windows of the same size. Invite an abundance of daylight into your home with the 3in1 roof window for a change you won't regret.

Get the balcony you've always wanted

If you've always wanted a balcony in your home, the VELUX Roof Balcony is the solution for you. This brilliant invention transforms from a roof window to a balcony in seconds. Welcome the outside in, and recharge with plenty of natural daylight and fresh air.

Roof window combinations for all needs

Expand your view and create beautiful light-filled rooms by combining VELUX roof windows. Depending on your room and its use, various pivoted and fixed roof window combinations can be installed to brighten up your space and give you panoramic views.

Personalise your roof windows

When you're planning the replacement of your old roof windows, think about accessories that will improve the experience of your new windows:

  • VELUX App Control: Make life easy with VELUX App Control – control all of your VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windows, blinds and shutters from your smartphone.
  • Blinds and shutters: prevent overheating or block out the light. We have blinds and shutters to suit every need.

Even though installing a new roof window is not complicated or very time consuming, it's still a good idea to get professional help for the process. Our installers can give you a non-binding quote on the best roof window solution for you.

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