Conservation roof windows

Heritage conservation roof window

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Transform traditional spaces with maximum daylight while enhancing indoor comfort with great thermal efficiency.

The VELUX Heritage conservation roof window is designed to be in-keeping with heritage aesthetics of historic buildings. Slim and elegant and sitting flush to the slates, it blends beautifully into the roofing material.

Thoughtfully co-created with Architects and Conservation Officers, it enhances modern living, while maintaining the building’s original character.

Suitable for roof pitches: 20°-65°
  • Authentic top-hung design
  • Crafted glass-to-edge technology for a clean appearance

Harmonious integration in historic roof

The design of the Heritage conservation roof window alludes to the traditional cast iron window with a slim elegant profile, sitting flush to the roof and with a black external finish that blends in naturally with the roofing material for complete period authenticity.

It also features a vertical glazing bar in reference to traditional attic windows. This attention to design detail makes it the ideal choice for retrofitting and updating loft spaces in historic properties.

Modern comfort in heritage design

As the owner of a historic property, you can now create new spaces full of daylight and fresh air whilst respecting the character of the building. Although it looks traditional, there’s nothing old-fashioned about the Heritage conservation roof window. For optimal indoor comfort, its glass-to-edge technology lets in as much daylight as possible and delivers a high-energy performance.

For additional comfort, you can choose VELUX pleated blinds for flexible light adjustment in a stepless design that can be placed anywhere in the window.

High energy performance to keep energy costs down

The VELUX Heritage conservation roof window offers a guaranteed thermal efficiency U-value of 1.3 W/m2K to keep your rooms warm and cosy. ​

Moreover, the roof window glazing comes with premium features like safety glass and a toughened outer pane for extra security. The easy-to-clean coating prevents dirt sticking to the pane, a UV filter will protect your furniture from fading as well as rain noise reduction. In other words, everything modern life requires from a roof window.

Convenient operation

The original-style winding handle gives a traditional touch and provides convenient operation of the Heritage conservation roof window. The 15 cm opening allows for natural ventilation – ideal for airing out.

Sizes for any project

The VELUX Heritage conservation roof window is available in nine different sizes to match all types of retrofitting or roofing projects. The larger sizes feature two vertical glazing bars.​

Generally, we recommend that the size of your roof windows should be at least 20% of the floor area of your room. 

Available in the following sizes (W×H cm):
CC04 55×98, CC06 55×118, FC06 66×118, FC08 66×140, MC06 78×118, MC08 78×140, PC08 94×140, SC08 114×140, SC10 114×160.

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White painted finish

The VELUX Heritage conservation roof window comes in a white painted finish that complements any interior. The white finish combined with the slim frames allow for plenty of daylight to enter your room.


Work with the right professionals

Are you thinking of replacing a roof window? Renovating your kitchen? Converting your loft into a home office? Or building a new house?

Complete your Heritage conservation roof window with VELUX blinds

Translucent pleated blinds

The translucent pleated blind offers flexible light adjustment in a step-less design that can be placed anywhere in the window. This blind prevents glare and provides privacy and creates a feel-good atmosphere by diffusing the incoming daylight. Ideal for living spaces as well as your home office.

Blackout energy pleated blinds

VELUX blackout energy pleated blinds provide blackout for a good night’s sleep. The honeycomb construction provides improved insulation on cold nights. Ideal for bedrooms.

Sustainability is the way we do business

The VELUX Sustainability Strategy 2030 is a 10-year transformational journey in which we pioneer climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. Why? Because the world needs it and it is who we are. It’s simply the right thing to do and it’s our nature!
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