Conservation roof windows

VELUX Conservation roof windows are specially designed to preserve and enhance the original features of historic buildings, while providing modern features and great thermal performance for a pleasant indoor comfort.

Conservation roof windows for a perfect historical match

Is your property a listed building or located in a conservation area? Don't worry, you can still add beautiful skylights to your remodeling project.

VELUX Heritage conservation roof windows are specially designed to preserve and enhance the original features of historic buildings, while providing modern features and great thermal performance for pleasant indoor comfort.

Are you the owner of a historic property? If you’re remodeling or dreaming about transforming your living spaces into wonderfully bright and airy rooms, then look at the various options that let you integrate historic looking skylights into roofs.

You can explore all our products and learn about roof window sizes, materials, and prices. Don’t hesitate to contact our Design Advisors who can guide you and help you turn your dreams of daylight into reality.

What is a Heritage conservation roof window?

A Heritage conservation roof window is a window that is designed to be in-keeping with aesthetics of historic buildings and houses in conservation areas.

Our Heritage conservation window integrates harmoniously into historic roofs as it is made to resemble a traditional Victorian cast iron singe-glazed window. It is suitable for roof pitches of 20° to 65°.

Sitting flush to the roofing material it blends perfectly into your roof

The black exterior has a slimmer profile perfectly designed to be true to historic façade aesthetics. The Heritage conservation roof window is slim and elegant and sitting flush to the tiles. It blends beautifully into historic roofs.

Your ideal heritage roof window

It has a stunning and authentic look with a black external finish which blends naturally into any heritage, conservation or historical roof. In reference to traditional attic windows the Heritage conservation roof window has a vertical glazing bar that makes it the ideal heritage design choice.

Our Heritage windows have a slim and elegant profile and are flush with the roof. They have a traditional winding handle at the bottom of the window frame to match the original window engineering.

Enjoy maximum daylight controlled with VELUX blinds

Although respecting the old character of the building, the functionality is anything but outdated. Our glass-to-edge technology lets you enjoy as much daylight as possible with optimal indoor comfort.

Choose VELUX pleated blinds for conservation window for flexible light adjustment. They can be positioned anywhere on the roof window, and you can choose from blackout or translucent versions of our blinds.

Conservation roof window design

Our conservation roof windows are available in top-hung and centre-pivot opening styles.

The colours are black on the outside and either white-painted or clear lacquered pine finish on the inside. The exterior covers are constructed in aluminium, and the vertical glazing bar delivers a classic, traditional look.

Historic window with modern features

Our conservation skylights have double glazing and give you premium modern features like safety glass, easy cleaning and a toughened outer pane for extra security, rain noise reduction and UV filter to prevent furniture and indoor textiles from fading.

Find the right solution for your needs with VELUX

When you choose a VELUX solution for your home, you are dealing with a leading conservation roof window manufacturer.

A VELUX roof window is considered the original roof window. Not only because we've been supplying high quality roof windows and skylights for 80 years, but also because of the excellent properties of our products that give you the ideal combination of light, air and view.

Suitable for any purpose, whether you’re building a new house, retrofitting your attic or modernising your home, you’ll always find the right solution with VELUX.

Contact us and let us guide your design choices and help you through the entire installation process.