Historically low numbers of accidents

For the second year in a row, we had the lowest number of accidents ever; in 2014, we recorded only 11. This equals 0.9 accidents per 1 million working hours and 0.2 lost working hours per 1,000 due to accidents. The result shows that our relentless focus on safety makes a difference − and we are determined to continue that work.

CO2 emissions reduced by 29%

We achieved a decrease in our CO2 emissions compared to 2013, and our overall emissions have been reduced by 29% compared to the 2007 baseline. Our 2020 goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%. To achieve this, we have started an energy management programme at all our European locations, factories as well as sales companies.

VELUX products have a positive CO2 footprint

Life cycle assessments show that, in many cases, a VELUX roof window has a positive CO2 balance in the course of its life cycle. This means that the positive energy contribution of the roof window due to passive solar gain during the use phase exceeds the energy consumption for production, distribution, installation and maintenance. And if a VELUX energy blind is added, the CO2 savings are improved by 36%.


A share of the VELUX Group’s profit is paid back to society via THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS. They support scientific, environmental, social and cultural purposes around the world and operate independently of the VELUX Group. In 2014, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS established the KR Foundation with the purpose of engaging in environmental issues and supporting international efforts that encompass the interaction of climate and economy.