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New generation VELUX glass rooflights, offering flawless aesthetics, improved daylight and ideal indoor climates - a perfect choice for enhancing the quality of flat roof architecture. Discover our range, including three new sizes, providing a perfect flat roof window solution for any project.

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A Summer House in Rørvig, Denmark
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House in Neulengbach, Austria
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New generation of glass rooflight benefits

Maximum Daylight

VELUX roof windows can let in up to 3-times more daylight than façade windows of the same size. The new generation of VELUX glass rooflights provide up to 52% more daylight* due to the unique design which maximises the daylight area. New glass rooflight sizes go up to 200x100 for maximum daylight option.

State-of-the-art design

The modern, minimalist and elegant glass-to-edge design with a slim frame and invisible sash provides maximum daylight and an uninterrupted view to the sky from the inside – even with blinds installed.

Superb indoor comfort

Excellent energy performance and a selection of double glazing and triple glazing options available. Compatible with VELUX ACTIVE with NETAMO to control the indoors from anywhere for a healthier indoor climate. Range of blinds available to help control unwanted heat and light, all in one complete solution.

Quality, service and tools

Outstanding product and spare-part guarantee. Download our Daylight Visualiser to help make informed decisions about daylighting strategies in your building projects and view our other online tools and resources.

Discover three new sizes

Glass-to-edge design

Featuring a glass-to-edge design and concealed blinds, VELUX glass rooflights complement flat roof architecture seamlessly. Providing clean lines and a contemporary appearance both internally and externally, our glass rooflights are something to have confidence in.

Flat or curved glass

Our newly developed glass rooflight range caters for varying pitches of flat roofs. The flat glass is ideal for 2-15° roof pitches. The curved glass is perfect 0-15°, both of which allow for natural rainwater drainage.

Solar and electric variants are available.
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Balancing daylight

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