Making the most of your extension

When you think about how much time you spend indoors, you realise how important it is to bring the outside in. Daylight and fresh air have the power to transform an extension into a space the whole family wants to spend time in. Explore the two different spaces we’ve created to see how to maximise an extension by bringing the outside in.

Number of Windows Tool

VELUX roof windows can truly transform an extension, but it’s vital to get the configuration just right. Click below to see the impact roof windows can make to your extension.

360° Tool

Now we’ve got the right configuration of roof windows, take a 360° tour of the extension to see how daylight impacts on every part of the space.

Dawn Till Dusk Tool

Many people think bi-fold doors will bring enough daylight into an extension, but it’s often not the case. That’s because an extension moves the light source further away from the original building, meaning daylight can’t reach very far into your home. The solution is VELUX roof windows, which can bring in twice as much daylight. Use the slider below to see light levels in the space throughout the whole day.

  • dawn


  • day


  • night


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If you’re planning a project right now, whatever stage you’re at, the VELUX Daylight Experts in our Project Support Team are on hand to help - free of charge.

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