Natural daylight is the perfect ingredient for extensions. Once added, natural light has the ability to make your extra space feel extra spacious. It can impact on all aspects of interior design, make a room come to life and connect it to the outside. Bifold and patio doors look fantastic in an extension, they’re a great way of bringing the outside in and are perfectly complimented by VELUX roof windows. 

When a new extension is built the original room is usually longer, meaning the natural light has further to travel into the house. All too often, the original room becomes dark and gloomy and even on the brightest days electric lights have to be switched on. VELUX roof windows maximise the way light moves throughout the day, and allow more natural daylight to penetrate deeper into the existing part of your home.

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By using natural light from above, you can bring daylight deep into the living space, which makes the whole room feel brighter, larger and more welcoming. 

With all that extra daylight coming in through your roof, you’ll have more wall space to use – perfect for extra cupboards or units if you are planning a kitchen extension. Together with bifold doors, VELUX roof windows make your extra space feel extra bright, extra spacious and extra inspiring.

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