Blackout energy blinds

From £76.00 ex. vat

Increase comfort during cold nights with the insulation of double pleats

  • Blackout
  • Free positioning in the window frame
  • Double pleated cloth
  • Protects against cold from the outside
  • No visible cords
  • Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!™ system
  • Available in 12 colours

VELUX blackout energy blinds provide blackout and high insulation against cold due to the tight construction and the double pleated cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure. The insulation effect is up to 25%. Because the blind is not fixed at the top or the bottom, it can be positioned anywhere in the window. This provides you with fully adjustable light control and privacy.

All VELUX internal blinds are power operated or cordless operated and fulfil the safety in use requirements in EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and EN 60335-2-97:2006+EN 60335-2-97:2006/A12:2015

Whatever your style, there’s a blind to match



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Available in 12 different colours.

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To choose the right operation of your VELUX blind, you should consider where your roof windows are placed and how often you expect to adjust the position of the blind. Solar and electrically powered blinds are both remote controlled and are the ideal choice for those with out-of-reach VELUX roof windows, or those who wish to add a touch of innovative luxury to their rooms.

"Flying" manual operation with control bar and stepless positioning

"Flying" manually operated energy blinds are very easy to use. The blind runs in side rails that ensure a smooth operation and stepless positioning. It is neither attached to the bottom nor top of the window allowing you to adjust the blind from the top down as well as from the bottom up. Simply use the control bar at the bottom or top of the blind to raise or lower as you please.

Remote controlled and solar powered

Remote controlled and solar powered blinds are operated with the pre-paired wall switch supplied with the blind. 

If necessary, the solar powered blind can also be operated manually. The solar-rechargeable battery holds enough charge for up to 600 operations, even if there is no direct sunlight for recharging.

Remote controlled and electrically powered

Remote controlled and electrically powered blinds are operated with the pre-paired wall switch supplied with your VELUX INTEGRA® blind. An intuitive solution that lets you easily control your blinds remotely. Multiple blinds can be programmed into one wall switch for simultaneous operation. 

If necessary, the blind can also be raised and lowered manually with the control bar at the bottom of the blind. 


VELUX energy blinds are made of a double-pleated polyester blackout cloth featuring an interior aluminium honeycomb structure that improves insulation by up to 25%. The blind also features an aluminium coating that improves insulation by keeping heat in during winter and improving overall indoor comfort and temperature. The energy blinds have elegantly beveled corners. They run in super slim side rails made of natural anodised aluminium that prevent light from passing in around the edges. The polyester cords are concealed in the double layer of fabric.


All VELUX products are made to exacting standards from the highest quality materials and have been designed for many years of trouble-free use. All VELUX blinds and shutters are backed by a 3-year guarantee. The VELUX guarantee does not in any way affect your statutory rights.

Order free cloth samples

If you find it difficult to make up your mind, we also offer cloth samples for all blinds and colours offered in our e-shop. Please note that the cloth samples are intended as a colour and texture sample only and may not show the full design. Every effort is made to ensure that the samples supplied correspond as closely as possible to the colours of our products.

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Beautiful blinds and shutters for your home

Add the perfect finishing touch to your VELUX roof windows with VELUX blinds and shutters. We commissioned leading Parisian agency, Trend Union, to create an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. The result is a stunning collection that complements every interior beautifully.

Installation instructions


Easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!™ system

Our pre-installed patented mounting brackets come as standard on every VELUX roof window – and they fit any of our VELUX blinds making installation hassle-free. Installation instructions will be included when you purchase a blind.

Installation instructions

The PDFs are detailed, illustrative instructions that carefully takes you trough every single step in the installation process. To be able to read a PDF file you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. The tool is free and can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

VELUX energy blind - manually operated

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