A truly special place

This summer cottage plot in Røsnæs, Denmark forms part of the spectacularly scenic Western Zealand coastal landscape and is filled with protected salt marshes, rare plants and animals and a sunset you never tire of watching. At least, Patrick and Stine Blok don't – because this spectacular location is the main reason why they love their sanctuary so much. 

"When we sit here in the evening and look out through the windows, it's almost like meditation," says Patrick, who designed the summer cottage himself and was the developer for the project. "At home in our apartment in Copenhagen, we would just watch television, but out here we look at nature." His overall idea was clear from the outset: 

"Our vision was to design a house that fits the area and blends in with the landscape as much as possible. We want to create as little visual noise as possible." 

A box with a view

The hilly terrain and the shoreline that runs through the plot were co-determining factors in the cottage's appearance. It looks like a low box, with a wooden facade that takes on a patina layer over the years, so the house blends smoothly into the pale shades of the salt marshes. The idea of not making 'noise' in the surroundings also shows in the family's choice of windows. 

"It was a starting point and a challenge that we didn't want windows facing north, to avoid disturbing the neighbours behind us with lights that interfere with their view and look out across the landscape," explains Patrick. "So all our windows face west and south, where we have the view."  

The huge window sections, which run from floor to ceiling, also let plenty of daylight into the family's living space – but what about the north-facing parts of the house? This is where VELUX flat roof windows come in. 

Windows to the sky

Carefully positioned VELUX flat roof windows act as light shafts in the north-facing and inner parts of the house and are absolutely crucial to the way the family experiences daylight. 

"Obviously, the parts of the house that face north and the darker areas of the rooms also need daylight and that comes from the ceiling," says Patrick. "It was a huge thing when the VELUX flatroof windows were installed. You could see the impact it would have as soon as they cut the hole for the flat roof window in the living room. I was so excited that I went and filmed it, because it was so cool to see this cone of daylight coming down."  

The VELUX flatroof window here means that the family has no lamp above the dining table. Instead, light streams down from the VELUX flat roof window, which captures daylight from sunrise to sunset. 

"It has an amazing effect – even inside the bedrooms, hallways and bathroom, where there are no vertical window elements but 'only' VELUX flat roof windows. They aren't affected by the position of the sun and you get incredible daylight here."
Light, air and nature

The interior of the cottage fits with Patrick and Stine's desire to blend in with nature. All walls are clad in birch veneer, which brings the pale shoreline colours of the coastal landscape inside and the interior is simple, harmonious and attractive – much of it Patrick's own home-built solutions. But the real stars are the sky, the sea and the truly special light here on Røsnæs. 

"We have the reflection from the sea all year round, and it's really special to sense the sea through the windows. We can lie in bed and listen to the waves through the open VELUX flat roof windows and the light is incredible." 


The family on the benefits of VELUX flat roof windows:

1. Ideal indoor climate - "We chose VELUX ACTIVE for our new roof windows and we are happy about that now. We never have to worry about forgetting to close them when we drive away, because they do it themselves, just as they air the space when it gets hot in the summer. It's easy for us to circulate the cool air and on days when it's too windy to keep the patio doors open, it's the VELUX flat roof windows that we open." 

2. Close to nature - 
"Being able to hear and see the sea and nature around us through the VELUX flat roof windows has given us a special connection with the surroundings. It's also pretty incredible how much light they let in all day long."

3. Architecture in step with the landscape -
"The ground was difficult to build on and we had given ourselves the challenge that we did not want any vertical window elements facing north. The VELUX solutions helped us to succeed with the project."