Which blinds are right for your home?

Adding blinds to roof windows is the perfect way to give you more flexibility and control over a room's light and warmth levels. Finding the right blinds for your home is essential. VELUX makes this easy with an extensive range of blinds that are designed to perfectly fit VELUX roof windows, both sloping and flat. They’re quick and easy to install, are built to last, and come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours. So whether it's a light-dimming pleated blind to add style to a living room or a blackout blind to make your bedroom a deep sleep haven, there’s a blind to suit every space.  
Key takeaways
  • Blackout blinds may be the best blinds for your bedroom if you want total darkness and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Translucent roller or pleated blinds may be the best blinds for your living room if you want easy light control, while Venetian blinds in bathrooms ensure light and privacy control plus a water-resistant material.
  • Choose your method of blind or shutter operation to suit your needs, including smart home solutions that operate at the touch of a button.

The best blinds for your bedroom

Nothing says ‘it’s time to rest’ like a deliciously dark bedroom and a blackout roof window blind makes it easy. One great option is the VELUX blackout roller blind which blocks out all incoming light, day or night. It’s available in a range of classic and on-trend colours and patterns, including a Kids collection with inspirational and cheerful designs made for kids’ rooms. This blind is available with manual, electric, or solar-powered remote control operation.

If your bedroom doubles up as a home office, consider the Duo blackout blind: a pleated blind and blackout blind in one. You simply raise or lower the control bars to soften the light or block it completely. 

The best type of blinds for your living room

Modern living rooms are the multiple-purpose hub of the home. Eating, working, exercising, napping, or lounging… the living room can handle it all, and sometimes all at once! This calls for a versatile roof window blind, so you can easily adjust the light and create your desired atmosphere throughout the day.

The VELUX translucent roller blind provides both privacy and light dimming, which is ideal for a busy living room. If the afternoon sun is casting a glare on the TV or interrupting your reading time, simply adjust the blind in seconds. It comes in a variety of on-trend and classic colours, including the Colour by You collection where you can customise the shade to match your decor.

The translucent pleated blind is also a sophisticated choice with loads of colours and subtle patterns to bring style to your space. It has a flying blind design that allows you to position the blind anywhere on the window.

Both of these blinds are available with manual, electric, or solar remote control operation.

Add extra warmth with energy blinds

If you’re keen to elevate the cosy factor of a living room or bedroom, the VELUX Blackout energy pleated blind is a smart choice for a roof window blind. It's made with double-pleated polyester blackout cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure that improves insulation by up to 25%. It’s available with manual, solar-powered, or electric operation options.

Best blinds for kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the hardest working rooms in a house, and so you need a roof window blind that can work hard too! With all the steam generated from cooking or bathing, the VELUX Venetian blind is an ideal choice as it’s made from water-resistant aluminium and is easy to clean.

Unlike traditional Venetian blinds, there are no cords to fuss with; you simply move the control bar or tilt the slats to adjust the amount and angle of light coming through. So whether it’s a bright and busy kitchen or a private, peaceful bathroom sanctuary, you can create the atmosphere you like with a simple adjustment. If your roof window is in a hard-to-reach spot, there are extension rod accessories available.

Keep the critters out with a VELUX insect screen

It’s such a joy to open the windows on a summer’s day and enjoy the fresh air… unless insects invite themselves in! The VELUX insect screen is the perfect solution for keeping out those unwanted guests. Made from a durable, transparent, and 100% insect-proof material, the screen is easy to install and operate. It can be combined with all other VELUX interior blinds or exterior heat protection products. The screen tucks away in the top casing when not in use.

Which type of operation to choose?

If your roof window is easily accessible, any VELUX manually operated blind will work well, as they’re easily adjustable so that light levels can be tweaked throughout the day. If your roof window isn’t easily reached, you may prefer a blind with solar-powered or electric operation options

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Make blinds even smarter with VELUX ACTIVE

If you choose a solar-powered or electric blind you can take things to the next level by adding VELUX ACTIVE, a smart home system that helps make your indoor climate more comfortable and healthy. You can set your blinds and windows to open in the morning and even close blinds and shutters from afar based on your local weather forecast!

Smart, stylish and easy to install blinds

Once you’ve chosen the blind that is right for your roof window, installation is a breeze. Since the blinds are made for VELUX roof windows there’s no measuring, trimming or cutting. You simply click the top of the VELUX blind into the brackets and mount the side rails; then you’ll be ready to go. Even better, all VELUX blinds and shutters come with a 3-year guarantee.


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