Keep warm with exterior roller shutters

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Winter brings lower temperatures, snow, and severe weather. Do you know how to protect your home and save energy when winter comes? A great way to deal with the challenges of winter is by investing in exterior roller shutters for your roof windows. VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters are designed to integrate seamlessly with your VELUX roof windows. Their perfect fit makes installation simple, from both outside and inside your home.

The benefits of roller shutters

If you're looking for a multifunctional shutter, look no further. The VELUX anti-heat blackout shutter gives you complete control of your indoor climate all year long. Don't be fooled by the name; this shutter not only prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, it also keeps your room warm in winter.
Key takeaways
  • Easy to install VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters are designed to integrate seamlessly with VELUX roof windows.
  • They help keep a room cool in summer and warm in winter and reduce noise and block out the light when needed.
  • Choose remote-controlled electric and solar powered options for hard-to-reach VELUX roof windows, or for adding a touch of innovative luxury.

Energy efficiency

The anti-heat blackout shutters prevent energy loss, keeping your room warm in the winter and enabling you to completely block out light from the roof window at any time.

Noise reduction

The VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters reduce noise during hail and rain, protecting your roof windows during harsh weather, and provide additional security for your home.

"Investing in exterior roller shutters for your roof windows is a great way to deal with the challenges of winter."


Our anti-heat blackout shutters are built to last. They are made of hard-wearing aluminum to ensure top performance, no matter what nature throws at them. We rigorously test them in the most extreme conditions to ensure complete weather resistance and years of flawless operation.


With their sleek top casing, VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters form an integrated part of your roof, regardless of roofing materials. VELUX anti-heat blackout shutters have been awarded the Red Dot design award and the IF product design award for their many innovative design features.

Remote control roller shutters

Looking for remote controlled shutters? Say no more. Our electric and solar powered anti-heat blackout shutters are both remote controlled. Perfect if you have out-of-reach VELUX roof windows, or just want to add a touch of innovative luxury to your room.

See the full range of blinds and roller shutters

Whether you want to soften incoming daylight, block it out completely, or regulate indoor temperature, our collection of blinds and shutters offers the ideal solution to suit your space. 

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