Roof window and skylight protection

A living room area with two roof windows with blinds and shutters that are covering sunlight.
Different weather means different challenges. But ultimately, all types of weather affect how you experience your home. Just think of those beautiful warm summer days that... well, aren't all that amazing when you're burning up indoors. Whether it is burning hot, rain, snow, or hail, VELUX has a wide range of options to help you deal with the ever-changing weather. 

Prepare your roof windows for all kinds of weather 

If you're looking for roof window protection against hail, storms, low temperatures, UV rays – or any type of weather - we've got your back. With VELUX, the answer is as simple as it is useful: glazing! Whatever your needs, your choice of VELUX roof window glazing can improve your experience at home. 

Enhance your skylight function with glazing 

Keep your home quiet and cosy with sound insulation glazing. Insulate with a low U-value thermal glazing to protect against cold and stormy weather. Invest in heat protection glazing to always feel comfortable in your home during hot summer days. VELUX glazing solutions give you control of your indoor environment.

When should you consider upgrading your glazing? 

It's always a good idea to be proactive, not reactive. If any of the following statements resonate with you, then you should consider using upgraded glazing: 

  • You want the ability to control heat in a particular room throughout the year.
  • You want to reduce the heat gain in rooms like a bedroom, kitchen, or utility room.
  • You want undisturbed sleep without being woken by rain noise on the window.
  • You want to protect your interior furnishings from fading due to the sun's harmful UV rays. 

If you answered ‘yes’ to one of the above, it is worth considering VELUX roof windows with an ‘above standard’ glazing. 

Prepare your roof windows for sunny days

Many people buy roof windows but forget about blinds and shutters; this is to their detriment! Blinds provide an excellent design opportunity in your home and can be invaluable on warm, sunny days.

How to use blinds to cover your windows in summer

With VELUX, you can choose between many types of blinds, from blackout blinds, light-dimming blinds, anti-heat blinds, and many more. Any of them can help you to control the amount of daylight (or heat) in each room. 

When you choose your blinds, you should consider which challenge you want them to solve as well as what room they are in:  

Home office or living room: Add translucent pleated blinds to dim and gently filter the light, plus anti-heat blinds for heat protection to keep your concentration on warm, sunny days. 

Kids' room: Add blackout roller blinds with children's patterns, anti-heat blackout shutters and an insect screen to create the perfect foundation for a good night's sleep.  

Kitchen: Add a moisture-resistant venetian blind to your kitchen, which is suitable for humid environments and allows you to adjust the direction and intensity of the light. For extra comfort, add anti-heat blinds to prevent too much sun from entering the room. 

Bedroom: Add blackout energy blinds, anti-heat blackout shutters, and an insect screen to create the optimal sleeping environment. 

Bathroom: Install moisture-resistant venetian blinds for easy cleaning and a hassle-free way of gaining privacy when needed. 

For maximum ease of use, combine your VELUX solar-powered and electric roof windows and blinds with the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO system.

See the full range of blinds and roller shutters 

Whether you want to soften incoming daylight, block it out completely, or regulate indoor temperature, our collection of blinds and shutters offers the ideal solution to suit your space.  

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