Shutters and blinds that cool your loft

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Roof windows can bring natural light and fresh air into your loft. When the temperature rises in the summer or falls in winter, creating a comfortable living environment under the roof is essential. Get the most out of your roof windows by adding exterior blinds and shutters. Here's how.

Benefits of VELUX blinds and shutters 

Soften or block out incoming daylight, prevent overheating and improve thermal insulation. Blinds and shutters are an excellent investment that will help you get the most out of your VELUX roof windows all year. As an added benefit, shutters protect the roof window from the outside, prolonging their life and making it a long-lasting choice. What's not to like? 

Key takeaways
  • The benefits of adding blinds and shutters to your roof windows are heat protection in summer and thermal insulation in winter.
  • There are many kinds of blinds and shutters to choose from depending on your needs, including anti-heat blackout shutters, anti-heat blackout blinds, and anti-heat blinds.
  • Use a smart home solution to automatically open and close blinds and shutters.

Heat protection in the summer 

Do you know how to cool down your loft? Heatwaves are more common than ever, making it as unbearable to be inside as outside. With VELUX heat protection products, you can protect your home from overheating so you can enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature on even the hottest days.

Thermal insulation in the winter

Snowy, wintery weather? Shutters are a fantastic way to increase the energy efficiency of a roof window. They prevent heat-loss and provide effective thermal insulation for optimal comfort in loft spaces, even in winter.  

"When the temperature rises in the summer or falls in winter, creating a comfortable living environment under the roof is essential. "

Shutters for all needs

Depending on your needs, you can choose from many types of external heat protection. Whether you're looking for shutters for the bedroom, children's room or kitchen, we have a solution to suit your space.

  • Anti-heat shutters offer year-round roof window protection. Our anti-heat blackout shutters provide additional insulation to keep the room warm in the winter. The anti-heat blackout shutter helps prevent break-ins and reduces noise, making it perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms.
  • Our anti-heat blackout blind effectively blocks the sun's rays and helps keep your home cool on warm days. An anti-heat blackout blind is easy to install by yourself and makes it more challenging to break into your home. This is an excellent alternative to a blackout blind in your bedroom, children's room, or guest room.
  • Anti-heat blinds reduce the heat from the sun's rays, providing effective heat prevention. They can easily be installed from the inside and are perfect for the kitchen, living room, or home office – meanwhile it allows you to retain your view to the outside.  

VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO – control your windows with our app

With VELUX Intelligent Home Control solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your VELUX electric and solar-powered blinds and shutters. Let VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO improve your indoor climate and control your blinds and shutters with the use of your smart phone.

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