Save energy with a smart home

The future is now. We have the technology to create more efficient, healthier homes, and VELUX roof windows are a part of it. Smart homes are here to stay, and we can optimise our living conditions with integrated technology and smartphones. Smartphones enable us to monitor and control devices at home, which can substantially impact several health benefits. Since Rome wasn’t built in a day, every smart home starts with connecting one appliance to another and then letting it evolve from there.  
Key takeaways
  • Every aspect of your working environment affects your home office productivity, from lighting, noise levels, layout, furniture, and proximity to nature.
  • Natural light and good ventilation are critical for a pleasant and efficient home office.
  • VELUX roof windows are a simple way to add more daylight and easy ventilation to a home workspace.

What are the benefits of a smart home? 

It’s not only Goldilocks who’s happiest when the temperature is just right. Room temperature has a significant impact on your comfort. That’s why it’s essential to know which temperature makes you feel most comfortable, and how that may vary room to room. Many people like their bedrooms to be cooler than other rooms in the house, while almost everybody likes a warm, cosy living room. Total room comfort is achievable with intelligent roof windows that can help you regulate the temperature. That way, it’s just right when you come home from work.

Control the temperature around the house

You don’t have to invest in lots of intelligent thermostats to regulate the room temperature. An often overlooked source of comfortable room temperature is windows. Your windows can let more daylight into your home, as well as regulate the temperature. With VELUX App Control, you can control solar-powered / electric roof windows and blinds with the push of a button.

Get a healthier home with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO

When it comes to your home, health is of the utmost importance. We spend a lot of time at home and our indoor climate is essential to our overall health. Fresh air and natural light are proven to have a positive impact on both mental and physical health. If you experience ailments such as headaches or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat but only have these symptoms at home, check your indoor climate using the VELUX ACTIVE app with indoor climate sensor. This sensor will not only monitor room temperature, but it will also check that CO2 levels are optimal, and open or close your solar and electric VELUX products to keep these levels maintained.
If your home office is going to work for you and not against you, its design must be conducive to productivity.


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