Centre-pivot Low Pitch roof window, white painted finish

From £409.00 excl. VAT

Checkmark icon Can be installed in roof pitches between 10° to 20°
Checkmark icon Designed with glass-to-edge technology to look great and a specially designed flashing ensuring a watertight installation
Checkmark icon Comes complete with flashing and underfelt collar
Checkmark icon Upgrade to a remote-controlled solar-powered motor for extra convenience

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Window sizes show the dimensions of the outer panes in cm. All prices excl. VAT

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Product details

  • The GBL is a specially designed roof window that together with the special flashing EDG can be installed in roof pitches between 10° to 20°.

    The roof window is centre-pivoted and operated with a full-width control bar on the ventilation flap of the top sash. The ventilation flap allows fresh air to enter the room through a dust and insect filter.

    The exterior of the frame and sash is metal-clad and therefore maintenance-free. The window is equipped with a special insulating glass unit called Step Pane allowing for glass-to-edge at the bottom sash, providing a seamless and stunning fit.

  • Totally water resistant, the VELUX Low Pitch roof window comes with our 10-year product warranty. Watch the video below to learn more about its features.

  • Window & flashing/installation product:
    GBL S10G01

    Available sizes:
    CK04, MK04, MK06, MK08, PK04, SK01, SK06

    Triple glazing 15:
    Rain noise reduction, safety lamination, toughened outer glass and UV filter


  • Advanced water diversion

    1. Glass-to-edge technology allows water to run off the window easily.

    2. The aluminium profile provides a drainage system for water to run down the sash rather than onto the window.

    3. Longer and extra wide apron prevents water build up at the bottom of the window.

    4. Specially-designed flashing features an upfold to create a water barrier and is cut to a triangle form to lead water away from the window.


    Extra water-tight window

    5. Additional gaskets have been installed in the sash and in the top covering to secure a watertight construction.

    6. Built-in water barrier foam is also installed between the three layers of glass to ensure a tight connection of the layers and prevent water build up. 


    Closely sealed roof opening

    7. Everything you need to achieve the extra water-tight seal, including the underfelt collar, is conveniently included with the window, offering a package solution for low pitch roofs.

    Package includes window, flashing and underfelt collar suitable for installation into profiled tiles up to 120 mm.