Bohemian loft brought to life by VELUX


Lucy and Matt made the decision to convert their loft to add another floor to the house, giving them an exciting new space including another bedroom, additional bathroom and walk in wardrobe, that are all flooded with light! 


VELUX roof windows, VELUX loft conversion
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Lucy and her husband Matt moved into their three bedroom semi-detached house in Lancashire in 2012. They had loads of space... or so they thought. Four years later they had added to their family with three adorable children Reuben aged seven, Gabriel aged five and Beatrice aged three. 

Soon, they were running out of space in their home even with a large corner garden. Moving to a bigger house wasn’t an option – it would be too expensive, stressful and they loved the area they were in. Instead, Lucy and Matt made the decision that so many other homeowners overlook – they converted their loft to add another floor to the house. This gave them another bedroom, additional bathroom and walk in wardrobe. After all, they had spent years renovating the house from top to bottom including adding a rear extension in 2015, and decorating all the rooms to make it special and homely. Adding more space to the home they loved made perfect sense. 

They worked with specialist loft conversion company Milltown Lofts ( and decided that they wanted to add VELUX roof windows to bring in natural daylight. They asked their builders to install four VELUX roof windows, two centre-pivot and two larger top hung roof windows, as this would allow for the overall glazing to equate to 15-20% of the room’s floor space ensuring the perfect amount of daylight in the loft. 

Having the work carried out while living in the house with children was something Lucy was apprehensive about, however thanks to the quick work of the builders the disruption was minimal and the whole conversion process took only four months, including additional works that they were having complete in the house. 

“The VELUX roof windows have really helped transform the space, making it look and feel so much bigger and brighter. I can’t believe what was once essentially just storage space is now a fully functioning extra floor of our house.”

Once the building works were complete, Lucy began looking to Instagram for inspiration on how to style her new space. Starting her own home interiors account @Barnestowers in the process, she browsed interiors pages and created her own style profile combining bo-ho, scandi and maximalism to create her homes own signature look. 

On styling her interiors, Lucy said: “I knew I wanted a dark colour for the walls, and seeing the finished room, flooded with light I knew it would work well. We opted for wooden floorboards which we have oiled and matched with dark blue walls and gold and white accessories. To bring some greenery to the space, we have added lots of houseplants that are thriving with all the natural daylight.”

Speaking about her loft conversion, Lucy said: “We can’t believe how much of a difference our loft conversion has made to our house - it feels so different. What we thought was a small, cramped space where you kept suitcases, boxes of old books and toys had turned into our dream home. Our children now have their own bedroom, which is great for when they get that bit older and privacy becomes more important".

A Dublin loft with a difference

When Emer and Jerry Moloney started planning their loft conversion their main aim was to create an extra living space and gain some additional storage in what was previously an inaccessible part of the home. A quadruple glazing option has taken the space from unused to a hub of activity.


VELUX roof windows, VELUX loft conversion
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Emer, a 54 year old housewife and Jerry, 53, a senior manager in IT, were initially reluctant about converting their loft as they were unsure how much space there
would be available but since completion it has exceeded all their expectations.

The couple worked with loft conversion company Atticmasters ( who suggested they install four VELUX roof windows in a square shaped Quattro design layout to bring even more natural light into the space. “We were initially reluctant to lose some storage space but after they were installed we were blown away by the natural daylight and sense of space they gave. They’ve completely transformed the attic and we’re so delighted we chose them,” says Emer.

When the property was newly built 25 years ago a VELUX roof windows was installed in the home’s main bathroom. This was removed to make room for the new loft staircase but thanks to careful planning they weren’t met by any unexpected surprises. “It was vital for us that the loft could be accessed by stairs and not just a ladder because we wanted it to be a TV room and an extra storage area and it’s now the biggest, brightest but also warmest space in the house thanks to the insulation from the VELUX roof windows. We have lots of hidden storage and can also fit a sofa bed for when we have guests staying. It has totally surpassed our expectations,” explained Emer. The project added 25 squared metres to the property and cost €25,000.

Emer was heavily involved in the renovation of their loft and takes her design inspiration from places like Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and TV. “I like using colour accents with clean neutral backgrounds. I wanted to give the loft a bright Scandi vibe, which the VELUX windows have contributed massively to, especially when we open out the two top-hung ones at the top. It gives an amazing spacious feeling on hot summer days,” Emer added.

In total the build only took two weeks and has resulted in a space not only Emer and Jerry can enjoy but also their twelve year old rescue Tibetan Terrier and four year old rescue cat. “They both love the loft and the cat spends all day sleeping up there because its warm and quiet. Jerry and I also love taking in the views the windows offer, whether it’s a beautiful pink sunrise or the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, there’s so much we can see now.”

This loft conversion was a runner-up in our VELUX Loft Conversion Of The Year 2019 Competition.


Turning unused loft space into a boutique style bedroom suite

Sarah and Jon Lloyd wanted to create a spacious bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, and rethinking the glazing options for this loft conversion has resulted in a sophisticated, family-friendly space.


VELUX loft conversion, VELUX roof windows
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As the couple live in a conservation area, VELUX roof windows were the perfect solution for Sarah and Jon Lloyd-Foster. They were keen to expand their 5 bedroom Victorian home to give them more space for their growing family. 

Sarah, 36, who is head of talent acquisition at a global travel company, and Jon, 40, a police officer, have three young children, Harley, 6, Dexter, 5 and newborn baby Clark. This new space was to be the couples' retreat. "We wanted somewhere we could relax and unwind," says Sarah. 

Loft conversion company, Design a Loft ( came up with the idea of including a combination of six VELUX roof windows to create a wall of glazing in their new bedroom. "Having plenty of natural light was very important to us and this solution was ideal. The room is on the north-facing side of the house so this option meant we'd get a better result than with a dormer window because of the angle of the roof,' Sarah explains. 

The attic had been divided into two sections, one part above the original house and the other above the 1990s extension, which made the conversion slightly more complicated. "Despite there being a brick wall bisecting the space, we knew it would be possible to create what we wanted," says Sarah. The solution to this structural issue involved altering the roof purlins and inserting extra steel work - not a problem for Design a loft!

When it came to choosing the roof windows there were certain must-haves. "With three young children in the house, safety was our top priority', says Sarah. Design a Loft created a large opening along the roof pitch and fitted VELUX windows in place - three fixed units on the bottom row and three top-hung roof windows above. "This combination has turned into a fantastic feature of the room", says Sarah.

For their en-suite bathroom, Sarah and Jon chose to install another VELUX roof window above the freestanding bathtub, so they could bring even more natural daylight into the space, and included another one above the staircase. 

The couple love their bright retreat at the top of the house. "The VELUX roof windows have completely transformed the room and the amount of light the windows bring in couldn't have been achieved in any other way. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves that this is ours."

This project was the winner of the VELUX Loft Conversion of the Year competition. 


A bright and bold guest bedroom and en-suite

When Claire Williams and Sam Roberts first bought their family home in Faversham, they carried out a full house renovation but quickly realised they needed more space. They decided to transform their loft into a guest bedroom and en-suite and haven’t looked back!
Cray Vlilla, beautiful loft conversion with dormer and VELUX roof window
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Claire, a 40 year-old TV producer, designed the loft herself but she and husband Sam, a 39 year-old cybersecurity expert, enlisted the help of an architectural draftsman to draw up the plans for their new loft space: “Although I designed the layout of the room it was good to have the expertise of the draftsman because he flagged that we wouldn’t be able to fit a standard sized door on the en-suite bathroom so we created a hidden door in what looks like a wall of shelves.  It turned what could’ve been a negative into a real positive and has made a lovely feature in the room”, explained Claire.

The couple decided on a VELUX centre-pivot roof window and dormer combination in their new bedroom and installed a second centre-pivot window in the hallway adjacent, Claire said: “When it came to maximising daylight and increasing space in the room we really wanted to get the best of both worlds which is why we installed a VELUX centre-pivot window alongside a dormer. The roof window brings in so much more daylight throughout the day and the dormer gives us the extra bit of head height we were looking for as well. The project took around 5 months from start to finish, and cost roughly £39,000.

“I knew from the start I wanted to use a bold colour palette in our bedroom so the space had to be as light and bright as possible and the extra VELUX window has definitely made that happen.  Our formerly dark first floor hallway has also been completely brightened up by the centre-pivot window we had installed there too as it floods the staircase with so much daylight.”

Claire and Sam have white shutters on their dormer window and a green blackout blind on the centre-pivot roof window in their guest bedroom. Talking about how the options offered by VELUX suited Claire’s design style, she said: “I really liked the wide range of colours of VELUX blinds that are available, as I wanted an olive  green bed and the blind we chose matches its colour exactly.

“I have always loved mixing vintage, mid-century furniture finds with bright colours and patterns and I had a very strong idea of how I wanted the interiors to look 
so VELUX having so many bold colours available suited me perfectly.  Sam is also happy for me to take the lead when it comes to decorating as he always likes the results!”

The family have been able to make the most of their house since converting their loft and Claire and Sam now have even more space to enjoy with their two sons,  seven year-old Rufus and Rex, aged three.  Claire said: “We plan to live in this house as a family for a long time which is why we added a kitchen extension when we moved in so we’d have plenty of space for the family downstairs." Now they have plenty of space in their beautiful detached villa. 

“Adding another bedroom with an en-suite bathroom has really balanced out the house and helped us take full advantage of the space as a whole.”

Follow Claire’s Instagram account to see more of her interior design style: @crayvilla.

This loft conversion was a runner-up in our VELUX Loft Conversion Of The Year 2019 Competition.


My light filled loft bathroom conversion

When I first bought my Edwardian terraced house I always knew one day I’d love to convert the loft area into usable rooms. So when my  husband moved in and we were expecting our daughter together in 2015 the extra space became even more essential and we began the design process and went ahead with the conversion.

VELUX loft conversion
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I had a number of essential needs for the bathroom space, in particular I wanted a practical but stylish room for the family and guests to use as our family bathroom on the first floor is so small and dark and not a very practical space.

We always knew we wanted VELUX roof windows as from our experience of them in our kitchen extension they not only let in masses of daylight but also allowed really good air ventilation through the space (essential in a bathroom!)

Our architect recommended two VELUX roof windows despite our initial plan to have just the one and we are so glad we followed his advice. Not only do they transform the room and bring in the right amount of daylight for the space but also add an amazing wow factor, everyone always comments on the room and love the airy open feel to it.

It has also been proven that adding natural light to a space in your home will cut energy costs so you can save money and lessen your environmental impact by living in homes with an abundance of natural light.

Rooms designed with daylight in mind will also keep you healthy, you are more productive, happier, healthier and calmer.

The final factor that makes my bathroom such a pleasant space has to be my large collection of plants in there, they really do flourish in the bathroom because of course most plants need a good source of natural light to thrive. These in turn also improve the air quality of your home environment by eliminating up to 87% of harmful toxins and pollutants in the air.

So with a combination of light reflecting white walls, lots of mirrors, some  striking patterned floor tiles and vintage furniture to add character, my many light loving plants and of course the large VELUX roof windows we achieved our dream of the perfect and yet practical mood enhancing light filled family bathroom!

Emily Stratton of Fallow Grey - a loft transformation

With the cost of moving soaring, extending your home with a loft conversion is a great way to add space and value to your home. That’s exactly what Emily Stratton, interiors influencer at Fallow Grey, did with her stunning detached Victorian House in Kingston, southwest London.  


VELUX roof windows, VELUX loft conversion, VELUX lofts
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The original space had a low roof that left the space feeling a bit too squeezed for enough headroom to make a comfortable conversion. Emily’s builders resolved this by increasing the pitch of the roof to create more usable floor space and headroom within the property.

 Dormer windows and VELUX roof windows can be used in tandem, if your build allows, to create a bright, light and spacious loft conversion. However, Emily was set on choosing VELUX roof windows over dormers as they can be fitted flush to the existing roof so that the dynamics and aesthetics of the exterior of your home aren’t altered.

Emily had four VELUX centre-pivot roof windows fitted in the bedroom and two in the bathroom, which has flooded the space with natural daylight.

Emily said: “We took a lot of inspiration from the VELUX website and tried to imagine how much space the roof windows would take up and how much light they would bring in to the space. We converted our loft in our old house and always felt that we could have gone a little bigger on the VELUX roof windows so this time we were keen to go for a larger size. We’re so glad we did because our space is open and light and really adds a wow factor to the whole house.”

Emily had budgeted £60k to carry out the loft conversion and interior finishes. She said: “We went over our original budget by around £5k but we choose top quality products, which also included a beautiful roll top bath, which we didn’t plan for. The whole project took us 3 months to complete.

 “I’m really pleased with how the master bedroom and bathroom has turned out. I’m very happy with the amount of daylight that comes in to both rooms through our VELUX roof windows and how they help create a bright and airy space. It’s completely reduced our reliance on artificial lighting.”

Top tip

It’s a great feeling to turn that dusty, dark old loft into your favourite room in the house. You might have a growing family and need an extra bedroom. It could be a home office, so you have the space and peace to build your business. Or maybe you just want a quiet, calming sanctuary for some quality ‘me time’.

If you are struggling to visualise how your loft conversion could look with VELUX roof windows, try our free MyDaylight App. It lets you try out your renovation plans or design ideas before you start any work. It’s fun to use and shows how daylight can make your room seem bigger. Alternatively you can contact our project support team on 01592 778873 and they can talk you through the use of our daylight calculator.