Removing Sun Tunnel Diffuser

How to remove Sun Tunnel diffuser (for cleaning)

For sun tunnels installed after mid-2015, proceed to step 5

Sun tunnels installed before mid-2015:

1. Remove ceiling ring by rotating either clockwise or anti-clockwise until it "disengages" from the diffuser frame

2. You can now see the "data plate" stuck to the diffuser. This will start TWR, TWF, TLR, or TLF then 010 or 014. The characters after this will determine how the diffuser pane is removed.

3. If the next part of the code is 2010 or 2010E (installed pre-2012), the pane is held in by 4 no. white tabs which are rotated away from the pane. You may need to tap the pane a number of times to loosen the grip the rubber seal has around the pane.

4. If the final part of the code is 2010E1 (installed from the end of 2011 to mid-2015), the pane is has 4 lugs on them which are then pinned into place by grey clips. Loosen the clips and rotate the pane anti-clockwise to release the pane from the frame.

5. For sun tunnels where the code is TWR/TWF/TLR/TLF 0K10 or 0K14 2010 there will be no ceiling ring. The new design of ceiling diffuser enables you to simply remove it by rotating anti-clockwise.

6. Once the diffuser has been cleaned, re-insert and secure using the appropriate steps above (in reverse).

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