Solar Blind Reset Guide (All Products)

1.  Ensure all blinds are in the fully open position.

2. Reset the blind depending on the type of solar blind.

If newly registered, the blind will not move the first time the reset button is pressed. The motor can be heard whirring for 1 second. Subsequent pressing of the reset button will result in the blind moving up and down several times before stopping in the fully open position.

2a. E Variant Solar Blind (Before March 2017)

Open the bottom battery housing and press the reset button in the blind for at least 10 seconds.

2b. S Variant Solar Blind (March 2017 Onwards)

Slide the rest button towards the outside of the blind, for 1 second.

3. Reset handset.

Go to Step 4-6

Go to step 7-9

Go to step 10-17

Go to step 18-24

4. Press the reset button on the back of the handset for 1 second using a paper clip or similar.

5. Press the central button, and the downward arrow button within 3 seconds of each other.

6. The blind can now be operated.

7. For a KLI 310 or KLI 312, press the 'pair' symbol on the bottom of the wall switch for 1 second, using a pin or similar.

8. Secondly, press the central button, and the downward arrow button within 3 seconds of each other.

9. The blind can now be operated.

10. Press the '+' symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Then tap 'New Product'.

11. Select 'Add New Products' and then tap the forward arrow on the next screen. The remote will now search for new products.

12. The 'New' product(s) will now be displayed on the screen. Tap the forward arrow to add them in to the remote.

13. The 'old' product now needs to be removed from the remote control. If the blind isn't shown in the remote skip to step 16.

14. Enter the main menu by tapping on the '+' icon, then select 'New product'

15. Select 'Delete products' and, if you know which product is to be deleted, tap on the name of the product

If you are unsure of the name of the product you wish to delete, tap on the image of each product on the left hand side of the list. This will cause the product to move a small amount momentarily.

16. The handset will ask you to confirm if you wish to delete the product. Select yes when you have identified the correct product to delete.

17. The handset will now be able to operate the products.

18. On the handset, select 'Menu'

19. Then select 'System Settings' and then select 'Register New Product'.

20. The remote will now search for the window that was reset, along with any other products.

21. The message 'New Products Registered' will be displayed briefly.

22. The handset will then advise that there is no contact with a number of products.

This is the window, blind etc. that you removed when you reset the window.

23. Choose 'List' when possible.

24. You will be asked if you want to keep each product. Select 'No' for each product you wish to remove from the handset.

If you press 'Yes' by accident, go back to Step 15. The handset will not find any new products in Step 17.

25. The handset is now ready to operate the products.

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