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Electric and Solar Powered Roof Windows

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Electric and Solar powered roof windows are ideal for out-of-reach situations and for adding that extra level of comfort.  They are available in a choice of natural pine or white polyurethane finish.

They are easy to order and install and come with pre-installed hidden motor.

Electric and Solar powered roof windows come with a fully programmable remote which uses secure radio frequency to operate individual or groups of roof windows, blinds and roller shutters from anywhere in the building.

Product features:

You’ll get all the advantages of our GGU and GGL pivot-hung roof windows, plus:

A built-in motor that opens and closes the window – operated automatically by a rain sensor or manually by wireless remote control.

  • The control centre, motor and rain sensor are produced and installed entirely at our factory.
  • Other VELUX electrical and solar products, such as blinds and shutters, can be easily fitted at any time.  


INTEGRA® Electric Roof Windows Solar Powered INTEGRA® Roof Windows


Remote controlled Electrical Operation
For directions of use for VELUX INTEGRA roof windows - 

INTEGRA® case study

Solar Powered Passive House Roof Window

The ideal roof window where Passive House certified building components are required.

Pine finish

Choose between a natural pine finish or white polyurethane finish.

vent-bar-pine-130x130.jpg Ventilation 
Our unique ventilation bar allows fresh air in, even when the window is closed.