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Centre-Pivot Roof Windows

VELUX Roof Window 
Original centre-pivot roof window
with the unique top control bar for
easy operation.
The top control bar makes it very easy
to open and close the window even with
furniture placed directly below.

Get the benefits of a centre-pivot window

Ventilate your home without
opening the window

Let air in without opening the window -
good for rainy days, and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

The unique, integrated VELUX ventilation flap
lets in fresh air through a dust and insect filter even when the window is closed.




Redesign control bar
Ergonomic correct
Discrete symbols are added to indicate the positions of ventilation:
No ventilation - closed window
Ventilation cut - closed window
Room ventilation - open window
The design
The control bar is redesigned by Jacob Jensen (historical designer of Bang and Olufsen) offers a better grip and flexibility of the control bar.



An unique top control bar for easy operation
The top operation makes it very easy to open and close the window. Suitable for most solutions and particularly recommended for within reach applications.

Space saving
Option to position furniture directly below without obstructing to open and close the window.

Safe and easy to clean
Safe to clean the outside pane from the inside by rotating the sash 180° and locking the window with the barrel bolt.
10 year Guarantee
Your VELUX Roof Windows are supported by a 10 year guarantee.

See our guarantee document for full details.
This window is also available in motorized version with remote-control . See VELUX INTEGRA ® windows



VELUX system patented ThermoTechnologyTM
Maximum isolation
To obtain a sufficiently low U-value and an excellent energy efficiency, of the VELUX roof windows, two materials have been added to the window construction.
Extra insulation elements, expanded polystyrene that visually blends into the roof window appearance, have bee added to the window sash and frame. Furthermore thermal modified timber, heat treated wood in an oven at over 175°C, have been added as reinforcement in the sash and frame of our Polyurethane roof windows.




3 easy steps to configure your roof window
Get started here
A VELUX consists of 56 parts but you only have to choose three things to customize it to fit your needs. See below what to choose.
  1. Interior finish
  2. Glazing performance
  3. Window size


1. Interior Finish
Polyurethane Clear lacquer

White Polyurethane

Maintenance-free window, featuring a cores of thermo-modified wood with a seamless waterproof polyurethane coating.

​Pine finish

Pine finish roof windows are coated with a water based colourless lacquer that protects the wood against dirt and moisture.


2. Glazing performance  

VELUX roof windows come with a standard low-energy glass unit with toughened outer glass to protect from the elements.
Additionally, we offer a full range of glazing types to suit your particular needs. Simply select the right one for your roof windows.


Low-energy glazing provide reduced heat loss through the window and enhanced indoor comfort.
In the wintertime, the heat from the sun that enters the building through windows is a usable solar gain.
In warm climates and in rooms with large window areas, the sun protective coating provides a better indoor climate during summer periods. Alternatively, exterior sun-screening can be installed.
A combination of laminated glass and optimal glass thickness provides better sound insulation. Frame and sash constructions and gaskets are equally important.
Sound insulation
Laminated inner glass ensures personal safety. It is designed to hold the fragments together if the glass breaks. We recommend that you consider using glass units with laminated glass on the inside for windows placed above areas where people sleep, play or work.
The combination of laminated glass and extra thick glass helps provide a significant audible reduction of rainfall sound. Frame and sash constructions and gaskets are equally important.
Rain noise reduction
The easy-to-clean coating minimizes the cleaning frequency of the outer glass pane and gives you a clearer view in case of rain or dew on the outer glass.
Easy-to- clean
The anti-dew coating significantly reduces the days with outside dew on the glazing unit and thus gives you a clear view.
​Standard energy
glazing (--50)


​Standard laminated glazing (--70) (--70)

Noise reduction glazing (--​60) (--60)

Low energy
glazing ​(--66)

Feature included in glazing type       
 Good    Better    Best                                      Mouse over icons for more details

3. Window size 
Choose the size that fits to your home
In order to maintain a good free view through the roof window and at the same time have good height for operation, the height and placing of the roof window have to be adjusted according to the pitch of the roof.
As a ruler of thumb: "The lower the roof pitch, the longer roof window". VELUX recommend that the top of the roof window is installed app. 200 cm above the floor



























() Effective daylight area, m2
* Only available in natural pine finish
Download the full size chart here
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