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CABRIO® Balcony System (GDL) & Roof Terrace (GEL)

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Open up your loft space and let in even more sunshine and fresh air with the CABRIO® Balcony System or the Roof Terrace.

Our innovative balcony systems add air, light and a great view to your living space by combining sloping and vertical elements together. The Top-Hung sections also rotate to 180º for easy cleaning.

Both of these solutions are affordable, practical and completely flexible. Not only that but they come with the 10 year VELUX guarantee.

CABRIO® Balcony System (GDL)
Panoramic views and the feel of bright, open space.

Roof Terrace (GEL)
Customise your own roof balcony with this stunning design.


Both the CABRIO® Balcony System and Roof Terrace can be installed on roofs with a pitch between 35º - 53º

CABRIO® Operation

The upper section is a Top-Hung roof window and opens outwards, whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railing.

Roof Terrace Operation

The Top-Hung upper element and side-hung lower element combine to produce a doorway to the outside terrace.