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Key figures 

Floorspace gained: 42m2

Renovation duration: 3 months

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VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows

If you want ultimate comfort, the VELUX INTEGRA® is the answer. With the remote control, you can reach every window easier and faster – from anywhere in your house. VELUX INTEGRA® is the ultimate choice for fresh air and a better indoor comfort. 

Available in both mains and solar-powered versions.

Special function roof windows

VELUX roof access windows open up like a door for convenient roof access from your loft area. Thanks to the large access opening, accessing your roof has never been easier.

Sloping and vertical combinations

If the pitch of your roof continues to the floor, you can extend your VELUX roof window by installing an additional window element GIL (clear lacquered pine wood) or GIU (maintenance free) below. These windows have a fixed sash and cannot be opened. Combining a roof window with a GIL/GIU will provide more natural light for your living space. Maintenance free windows (GIU) require no cleaning or repainting but can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Awning blinds

  • Heat protection
  • Transparent fabric
  • Installs from the inside

The exterior VELUX awning blind blocks the sun’s rays before they hit your window pane and reduces passive heating by up to 72%*. It helps keep your room comfortable on a warm, sunny day. Awning blinds are transparent, so you can still enjoy your view.

Roller shutters

  • Heat protection
  • Total blackout
  • Insulation and noise reduction

Perfect for any climate or time of year, the exterior VELUX roller shutter prevents your room from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter and enables you to completely block out all light from the room at any time of the day.


Venetian blinds

  • Privacy and light control
  • Cordless operation
  • Water resistant and easy to clean

The low-maintenance, moisture-resistant VELUX Venetian blind is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. The unique design eliminates unsightly hanging cords. Simply tilt the slats in any direction to adjust the angle and amount of incoming light.