How to get the most out of your roof windows

Fully dressed roof windows 

We know you love your VELUX® roof windows. But they are only a starting point in creating a home that’s climate controlled and fully-optimised for fresh air, light, and heat. So what’s the next step? Ensure that your roof windows have all the necessary accessories so that your home is the best it can be, from a variety of blinds to smart home capabilities.

Don't stop at one blind

Interior blinds can offer privacy and personality to your roof windows, although they have limitations when it comes to temperature maintenance.  

Purchasing the full range of necessary accessories allows you to get the most out of your roof windows, and as a result, the most out of your home.  Interior blackout roller blinds allow for the best sleep possible, while Exterior anti-heat blinds and shutters keep the climate of your home comfortable. Anti-heat blackout shutters can even help keep your home warmer through the winter. 
What you need
Most blinds come in manual or VELUX INTEGRA® operation methods. Electric or solar-powered VELUX INTEGRA® blinds can be remote-controlled, so you can open and close them with the push of a button. 

Decoration blinds

Interior blinds that provide privacy and personality.

Blackout blinds

Interior blinds that offer almost a complete blackout, providing an ideal atmosphere for sleep. 
Exterior Anti-Heat Blinds and Shutters

Exterior anti-heat blinds and shutters

Exterior anti-heat blinds and shutters that offer a comfortable temperature at home, regardless of the weather outside. 
Insect screen dsp

Insect screens

Insect screens have a transparent and contemporary design, allowing light and fresh air in while keeping insects out. 
windows virum case

Mason's villa in Virum: seeing the light in the loft

“We have had natural warmth [in our home] throughout the winter and during the spring. The next step will be to have automatic awnings on all windows to take the edge off on the hottest days of summer, but without shutting out the light.” 

- Annamarie & Jacob, explaining why they will be adding exterior anti-heat blinds to their VELUX roof windows

Improved indoor climate control 

Upgrade your VELUX system so that you can relax. Keep daylight, temperature, and air easily controlled with the VELUX ACTIVE system including home sensors, a departure switch, and gateway. This automated, smart home system works based on your personal preferences.  

VELUX ACTIVE includes tracks temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, then opens and closes your roof windows responsively and blinds to keep your space exactly the way you want it. 

 Smart control for your indoors  

VELUX App Control is operated through an app on your phone. Set your preferred temperature (humidity and CO2 sensor is not included) then monitor your home environment even when you’re not there.  
Use VELUX App Control to lower your anti-heat blinds on a hot day when you’re away from the home, or open the blackout roller blinds from the comfort of your bed. On your way home from work and want to make sure the house is cool when you arrive? No problem!    
Attic conversion VELUX INTEGRA

An attic conversion for more space and daylight

“We use the three [VELUX roof] windows in the corridor and the window in the bathroom to cool the house down on long summer nights. Since the roof windows are equipped with rain sensors, we can just leave them wide open and go to bed.”

- Isabelle, explaining a smart home feature as part of her family’s VELUX system.

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