Here you will find a list of the technical specification sheets for the VELUX product range. Click on the links below to download the PDF's.  
Centre-pivot    Top-hung   

GGL Manual - Timber

GGU Manual - White Polyurethane

GGL Electric INTEGRA® - Timber

GGL Solar INTEGRA® - Timber GGU Electric INTEGRA® - White Polyurethane

GGU Solar INTEGRA® - White Polyurethane

GPL Manual - Timber

GPU Manual - White Polyurethane

GPU Electric INTEGRA® - White Polyurethane
STUDIO   Smoke ventilation   


  GGU Smoke Vent system

CSP Flat roof Smoke Vent system                     
CABRIO® Balcony system   Roof Terrace system   
  GDL CABRIO® Balcony - Timber
  GEL Roof Terrace - Timber
Additional Vertical elements     Additional Sloping elements


VFE Bottom Hung - Timber

VIU Fixed - White Polyurethane

VFA/VFB Side Hung - Timber

GIL Fixed - Timber

GIU Fixed - White Polyurethane


Flat Roof with Dome Cover    Flat Roof with Flat Glass Cover  
   CFP Fixed with Dome  

CVP Electric INTEGRA┬« with Dome
Flat glass rooflight

CFP Fixed with Flat Glass

CVP Electric INTEGRA® with Flat Glass

Flat Roof with Curved Glass Cover      Flashings  
CVP  CFP Fixed with Curved Glass

CVP Electric INTEGRA® with Curved Glass